Techstars Announces Inaugural Startup Class

By Ken Briodagh September 28, 2016

Techstars recently launched its NYC-based IoT program for finding innovate IoT startups, which runs in partnership with GE, PwC, Verizon, SAP and Bosch, and this week, they named the first class of startups that will take part.

During the application process, the group received 42 percent of its applications from outside the U.S. The 10 startups selected are rewiring legacy industries and enabling meaningful innovation through IoT, from healthcare to construction.

 Of those selected, companies range from drone applications, healthcare AI and food service and logistics. Techstars’ IoT aims to build a new ecosystem for IoT entrepreneurs with a B2B focus.

“While IoT is an exciting space with limitless opportunity, we are still early in that there is no real standardization or infrastructure that benefits everyone,” said Jenny Fielding, Managing Director, Techstars. “This is why we partnered with GE, Verizon, PwC, Bosch and SAP, to provide a common ground for the giants of the biggest industries to come together and help startups innovate.”

Meet this year's Techstars:  

•         Dronesmith – focuses on the ease of use for developers to build tools for drones. It is the first platform that enables devs to build, ship, and run drone applications, parse and analyze data, create custom missions and update paths midflight. Dronesmith allows developers to write code that automatically translates to other platforms and captures info from in-flight sensors. Las Vegas-born. Founded 2014.

•         Nanotech Galaxy – Currently, images are 90 percent of healthcare organizations’ data but machines cannot generate patient insights from them. Through image recognition, Nanotech can cut down the time it takes to assess medical imagery by 100x. Founded by a vascular surgeon with a PhD in deep learning, Nanotech is an artificial intelligence platform with a goal of saving 1 million lives in the next 10 years. New York-born. Founded 2015.

•         Urban 3D – The construction industry is ripe for innovation. Brazilian-based Urban 3D is enabling the “Internet of Concrete” through a new method of production to fabricate infrastructure and housing. Inspired by her family’s construction business, founder Anielle Guedes spent three years working in Sao Paulo’s favelas to understand housing needs and local infrastructure. Brazilian-born. Founded 2014.

•         Pillar Technologies – Construction sites are often pre-tech environments leading to a lack of awareness. Pillar’s IoT devices prevent disasters by offering predictive analytics for safety concerns like fire outbreaks, high humidity and mold growth. Pillar sends real-time alerts to general contractors and management companies so that they can manage their workers’ safety. Peter Thiel recently invested in Pillar. Boston-born. Founded 2015.

•         Fueloyal – There are 14 million 18-wheelers traveling in North America at any moment. Each year, through fuel theft and fuel card misuse, trucking companies lose an estimated $83 billion. Fueloyal is looking to cut down abuse by 100 percent with smart fuel caps that provide real-time updates and keep an honest count. Chicago-born. Founded 2014.

•         TEQ Charging – There are currently 15 times as many electric cars on the road as there are charging stations. Without enough sockets, and because drivers need to be present to load up, charging is leading to expensive, frustrating habits. TEQ Charging connects individual power systems to channel energy where it’s needed. Cars stay plugged in throughout the day and drivers use their Android or iOS app to let the system know when they need power. Atlanta-born. Founded 2015.

•         Mosaic Manufacturing – 3D printing is a messy job. For each additional color or materials, machines have typically required extra nozzles. Mosaic Manufacturing’s Palette cuts, calculates and creates a single feed of PLA delivered through one nozzle. The Palette allows users to feed stainless steel, conductive electric filaments and carbon fiber-infused strands, too. The Palette is a desktop attachment that connects with all standard 3D printers so users can retrofit rather than buy a new printer. Ontario-born. Founded 2014.

•         Union Crate – Union Crate is a predictive solution that digitizes the outdated supply chain infrastructure. Our modular system securely analyzes multiple data points to automate logistics, purchasing and usage prediction. We connect corporate buyers, sales teams and inventory operations on one simple interface to facilitate smarter decisions. Our developer tools also allow users to quickly add automation, security and predictive analytics to any existing supply chain systems.

• – XapiX makes it easy for enterprise API developers to recombine endpoints, integrate and recombine data and services from multiple providers. As an open platform, XapiX also helps businesses promote and distribute API-based products, especially on mobile devices. Berlin-born. Founded 2015.

•         Losant – Losant’s WordPress-style platform lets developers create IoT programs, connect devices, manage analytics and anything else they can dream up. The coding language is drag and drop, greatly decreasing developers’ barrier to entry. Losant’s iOS and Android apps turn phones into remote controls for the IoT world. Cincinnati-born. Founded 2015.

Edited by Alicia Young

Editorial Director

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