Ostendio and ComplianceForge Form New Strategic Partnership

By Ken Briodagh April 24, 2018

According to a recent announcement, Ostendio, a provider of cybersecurity and information management software, has partnered with ComplianceForge, a solutions provider of cybersecurity and privacy compliance documentation. This partnership will bring together two companies with a history of providing premium B2B cybersecurity solutions.

Ostendio has signed up to use the open-source Secure Controls Framework, a comprehensive set of cybersecurity and privacy controls that spans over 100 statutory, regulatory and contractual frameworks.

“We're excited to partner with ComplianceForge and combine their industry-leading information security documentation with our cybersecurity management software to simplify the process of complying with ever-changing industry standards,” said Grant Elliott, CEO and President, Ostendio. “By utilizing ComplianceForge's documentation expertise and leveraging the SCF, we have built in to MyVCM an automated cross-walk which allows companies to more easily comply with multiple privacy and security regulations.”

Tom Cornelius, Senior Partner at ComplianceForge and Founder of the Secure Controls Framework said, “The mission of the SCF is to provide a powerful catalyst that will advance how cybersecurity and privacy controls are utilized at the strategic, operational and tactical layers of an organization.  By building this and ComplianceForge's industry leading documentation into Ostendio's MyVCM platform, companies will find it easier to implement a variety of controls across multiple standards and regulations, including NIST, SOC, GDPR and FedRAMP.”

About the Secure Controls Framework
The SCF has the goal of providing free cybersecurity and privacy control guidance to cover the strategic, operational and tactical needs of organizations, regardless of its size, industry or country of origin. The SCF is now available to the public at no cost. You can learn more here:

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