CENTRI Announces IoT Advanced Security for Arm Mbed

By Ken Briodagh October 17, 2017

CENTRI, a provider of IoT security, has announced that its Internet of Things Advanced Security (IoTAS) now supports the Arm Mbed IoT Device Platform. CENTRI is also a member of the Mbed partnership program.

According to the release, IoTAS combined with the Mbed OS as an alternative to open source options to provide device integrity, data protection and optimization for the 270,000 Mbed developer community. CENTRI IoTAS is intended to offer secure, efficient and complete solutions, built to protect and optimize IoT data. Based on preliminary internal testing, CENTRI IoTAS reportedly outperforms existing open source based solutions by 50 percent or more. Definitive results will be released upon completion of software optimization.

The benefits IoTAS provides for Mbed developers includes the following:

  • Complete Security - IoTAS secures IoT data anywhere it exists.
  • Data Integrity - IoTAS never sends a single byte in the clear including the handshake process.
  • Certificate-less identity – IoTAS uses hardware-based ID to authenticate all devices without the need to exchange and manage certificates.
  • Speed and Efficiency - IoTAS provides faster encryption and optimization – in a single pass of the data.
  • Simplified Key Vault Management - IoTAS protects data in storage with patented "vault-less" technology to remove the hassle and expense of managing encryption keys.
  • Developer-Centric Experience - Unlike open source tools, IoTAS comes pre-configured for faster integration to endpoints, applications and Cloud.  This reduces internal development time from months to days.
  • Mission-Critical Uptime - IoTAS helps to maximize device uptime with cache mapping technology and efficient algorithms, resulting in less than 2 percent CPU and slower battery drain.
  • Handles the Data Spike - The increase in data traffic from IoT squeezes networks and Cloud storage.  IoTAS compresses the data up to 80% to save bandwidth and Cloud storage costs.

“Security of data and authenticity of devices are critical elements of IoT security,” said Michael Horne, VP, sales and marketing, IoT Services Group, Arm. “CENTRI joining the Mbed partnership provides our vast developer ecosystem with additional choice for ensuring strong device security.”

“CENTRI is excited to support Arm and its partners by providing advanced IoT security to the Mbed IoT Device Platform and joining their partner program,” said Grant Asplund, VP, Sales and Business Development, CENTRI Technology. “CENTRI IoTAS offers advanced IoT security in a lightweight package. This port to the Mbed platform allows developers around the world to access it today. With CENTRI, our partners can develop expert IoT security without having to be IoT security experts.”

Ken Briodagh is a writer and editor with more than a decade of experience under his belt. He is in love with technology and if he had his druthers would beta test everything from shoe phones to flying cars.

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