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March 14, 2012

Here in Israel Telematics Need a Tablet More than a Platform

I have been on vacation in Jerusalem, traveling everywhere via taxis. Part of my amusement is to guess how many devices are in the taxi with me before I get in.

A safe guess is normally four, but so far I have counted as many as six and as few as one. However, the cab with one included a center console screen, which I will come back to in a moment.

The people with as many as six had a shortwave radio, an a adjunct XFM-like radio, a dispatch system, a navigation system, the meter, and the credit card machine leading me to wonder if this guy had any line of sight for the road. A few also had a booster signal device like a mobile repeater.

Now let’s go back to the plus 1 taxi with the console. The console actually added the backup screen and a TV, but they are not all the adjunct equipment. Like so much of M2M, the systems are standalone vertical implementations; worse yet they are radio specific implementations... Read More

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