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Our world is becoming more connected every day, improving the way we live, work and play. Machine to Machine solutions wirelessly connect millions of varied devices to a network, enabling two-way communication. From trucks and turbines to heart monitors and vending machines, M2M allows network-ready devices to connect and share reliable real-time data via radio signals. The Machine to Machine Solutions community provides readers with an in-depth look at how M2M solutions are connecting organizations and offering savings in time, cost and labor through featured articles, resources and news surrounding the latest developments in the machine-to-machine industry.

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October 24, 2012

Your 1.2 Kids, Their 1.89 SIM and Their .01 M2M Solutions

There used to be a joke in the ITU about fixed wireline solutions that a third of the world had dial tone, a third was waiting for dial tone (because the phone service was so bad) and a third of the world had no dial tone (and probably did even know what dial tone was). 

Well, it turns out that wireless solved that problem for the third of population that was waiting for dial tone, but still has a long way to go for the rest of the marketplace.   According to a GSMA study, only 45 percent of the worldwide population (3.2 B) is using those 5.9 billion “phones.”

“This research, for the first time, highlights the difference between mobile connections and individual mobile subscribers, and points to a significant growth opportunity for the mobile industry as we continue to connect the world’s population,” said Anne Bouverot, Director General of the GSMA (News - Alert)... Read More


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