Partnership Brings IoT into Auto Manufacturing

By Ken Briodagh March 24, 2016

The word of the month is ‘partnership’ it seems. And that is nothing but good news. The IoT needs its partnerships if it is to succeed. It pays to play nice.

SolidRun, a developer and manufacturer of System on Module (SoM) and mini-computers, and nemetris, an Industry 4.0 manufacturing technologies company, have announced a partnership for the deployment of SolidRun’s IoT gateway within nemetris’ Smart Industry Apps to move advanced manufacturing solutions into the automotive and discrete manufacturing sectors.

The solution integrates the CuBox, a small cube computer, into production line data collections and aggregation from automotive production floors.

“This cooperation symbolizes SolidRun’s first steps into the quickly emerging Industry 4.0 era,” said Kossay Omary, technology leader and co-founder, SolidRun. “We plan to introduce more Industry 4.0 SoM based solutions during 2016 and continue to provide high performance, high quality and energy efficient solutions for both of our new and existing customers.”

“For nemetris, The Internet of Things is a strategic technology for increased efficiency on the production floor,” said Markus Schwarz, Managing Director, nemetris. “The CuBox’s miniature form-factor, IoT connectivity, and high scalability are well suited for a variety of automotive and discrete manufacturing applications.”

Let the partnership roll. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editorial Director

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