Smart Grid

December 31, 2012

Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative Publishes Report on Smart Grid Awareness

As the demand for energy-efficient technology increases all over the world, suppliers have been struggling to find ways to ensure optimum use of energy while avoiding waste. Smart grid is one such concept which is said to improve the energy usage and reduce costs for both customers and suppliers alike.

The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative has recently published a report about the awareness, or the lack there of it, of smart grid technology.

According to the report, common consumers don’t really have a fair idea of the smart grid industry. But when explained, they like the idea and are open to implement smart grid solutions in their homes.

But first, here is a disclaimer from the research study: as many people would like to believe, smart grid technology does not necessarily save consumers any money, but there are other benefits that are compelling.

A smart grid is an electrical grid that collects information about energy usage and helps users and suppliers to enhance the efficiency, dependability, monetary considerations, and sustainability of that energy.

“In summary, we’ve found that once consumers are educated about smart grid, they are supportive of it,” Patty Durand, executive director of SGCC, said in a statement. “So the opportunity to further engage with our consumers only gets bigger. Armed with research, facts, figures, knowledge and a vision, industry can continue to educate its customers.”

Recently, the company published a study where it also stated that consumers are interested in various smart grid-enabled pricing programs and services. The study revealed that consumers are likely to use social media to access energy information. The Consumer Pulse (News - Alert) Survey Wave 3, undertaken from August 17 to September 5, by Market Strategies International, determined respondents' impressions of smart grid and smart meters.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca