Smart Grid

February 04, 2013

National Grid, Simple Energy Join for Pilot Program in Worcester, MA

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is making it possible for companies in many industries to start offering better services to their customers. The energy sector is no different.

The mandate by municipalities across the globe, in particular, means energy companies have to start fulfilling these directives by installing smart grid technology.

The installation of smart grids will give the customer many tools to start using energy more efficiently and thereby save on their utility bills and help protect the environment by reducing carbon footprints. The partnership between National Grid and Simple Energy will offer 15,000 customers in Worcester, Massachusetts the latest technology related to energy.

Simple Energy uses many of the concepts social platforms currently use to introduce behavioral science to change attitudes on energy usage. This approach brings social game mechanics to motivate the consumer to practice energy efficiency, bringing together family, friends and neighbors to make the act of saving energy educational, fun, social and beneficial for the community and society at large.

The National Grid pilot program aims to bring energy to its 15,000 customers using this approach. The company wants to educate customers in a fun way about the values of energy consumption and the benefits of using advanced energy solutions.

"National Grid has long been a leader in energy efficiency, delivering both traditional and innovative energy efficiency solutions to its millions of customers. We are honored to be selected for this pilot and hope to deliver significant energy savings to its customers," said Yoav Lurie, CEO and cofounder of Simple Energy.

The program in Worcester will provide the customers with the latest available technology in the field. A team selected for this pilot will be able to provide customer outreach and education, in-home management tools and advanced communications technologies. Additionally, the integration of smart meters, project management, integration and evaluation will be conducted by the teams to determine the effectiveness of the pilot.

"Simple Energy's customer engagement platform is designed to use micro-targeted messaging to customers to motivate them to save energy in a more real-time way than traditional approaches. The company also has significant experience and success in delivering community-based programs and peak load reduction for major utilities across the country. We look forward to the energy savings and customer value this platform and engagement approach hopes to produce," said Ed White, vice president, Customer Strategy for National Grid.

The approach Simple Energy takes in consumer awareness has been effective in many communities around the world. It brings community awareness at a different level and creates community involvement not only with residents, but also businesses and public institutions such as schools, fire stations and other infrastructures that can benefit from reducing energy use.

Edited by Braden Becker