Smart Grid

February 05, 2013

ABB and Ambient Partnership to Drive Distribution Grid Reliability and Energy Efficiency Initiatives

ABB and Ambient (News - Alert) Corporation recently introduced the DistribuSense and AmbientPQM solution. The combined solution which integrates DistribuSense current and voltage sensors with AmbientPQM will serve to provide advanced power quality monitoring and communications.

In a statement, Steve Lindsay, Marketing, and Sales Manager for ABB's Power Products Medium Voltage Distribution Components business unit in Pinetops, North Carolina, said that, "Distribution monitoring will allow our utility customers to make their distribution networks more efficient, reduce their generation needs, and reduce their operating costs. A collaborative effort between ABB and Ambient will lead the way in new distribution grid reliability and energy efficiency initiatives and we are both proud to contribute to these activities."

The combined DistribuSense and AmbientPQM solution can effectively improve grid management by delivering real-time monitoring, and measurement of configurable array of power quality parameters. This will help in enhancing efficiencies via Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO), in addition to driving Fault Detection, Isolation, and Restoration (FDIR).

John J. Joyce, President, and CEO of Ambient said that, "We welcome this collaboration with ABB. Such collaborations enable utility customers to deploy innovative solutions that deliver the promise of an advanced, modern distribution grid."

The ABB sensor’s standard, high-quality current/voltage output signals are read and processed by AmbientPQM for local decision-making. Alternatively these signals can be routed to specific head-end system via standard protocols.

Utilities deploying the newly integrated cost-effective solution are provided with greater flexibility in selecting backhaul communication technology in addition to benefiting from a high-performance end-to-end solution which can substantially improve distribution reliability and efficiency via lowered energy costs, greater compliance with regulations, improved revenue generation and enhanced level of customer satisfaction. 

Robust IP-based communications capabilities of Ambient provide greater flexibility to utilities using DistribuSense sensors with respect to deciding on how and when data is returned to the utility, and also in opting for either a public or private network of their choice for communicating data.

Edited by Carlos Olivera