Smart Grid

June 24, 2013

The Chinese Smart Grid Market is Growing

China is one of the few countries in the world whose 2013 population of will decrease by about 39 million (from 1,343,239,923 to 1,303,723,332) by 2050. Although this will go a long way in reducing energy consumption across the country, it still faces considerable obstacles in putting a system in place that will reduce high rates of pollution in major cities across the country while meeting the demands of the world's second-largest economy. China has been investing heavily in smart power grid construction as part of its 12th Five Year Plan, which will include rapid deployment of modern metrology, communications, information and control technologies with a $15. 4 billion investment.

Pike Research estimates the country will have cumulative smart grid revenue of $127 billion by 2020. The smart grid being put in place will integrate the latest technology and cover all voltage levels so the system is able to function with optimal power, information and business flow by focusing in power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, consumption and dispatching.

The research provides 40 key industry players, including China, classified by different industries with a comprehensive analysis of issues that are relevant to China's smart grid deployment program. This includes market drivers, business models and issues regarding technology that could hinder the country's ambitious deployment of this platform through 2020. The report answers key questions for investors and other interested parties including:

  • The business models being employed in China and the market drivers for smart grid development
  • The size of the Chinese smart grid market through 2020
  • Key players in the Chinese smart grid market
  • The impact of regulatory policies in the country that could affect the smart grid project
  • Key areas of research and development in smart grid advances in China
  • Regional variations of smart grid development in China

The deployment of the smart grid project is divided into three phases: Stage 1 (2009-2010), the planning and trial phase; Stage 2 (2011-2015), the full construction phase; and Stage 3 (2016-2020), the leading and enhancing phase. China is making great advances in every sector of the country's infrastructure, but there is a great imbalance in the country's energy supply. In order to move away from its coal dependency, which stands at 76 percent as of today, they have to start implementing other sources of energy to address pollution, dependency and reliability.

Edited by Alisen Downey