Knights in Shining IoT Armor: Knightscope Secures New Contracts for its New Autonomous Security Robots

By Alex Passett June 05, 2023

The valiant mission of Knightscope is to make the U.S. safer for everyone.


The deployment of autonomous security robots; ones that require no hassled human intervention, yet still deliver real-time, actionable intelligence that allow public safety professionals to more effectively deter, intervene, capture and prosecute criminals via machine-as-a-service (MaaS) subscriptions.

Akin to the original purpose of medieval guards, Knightscope’s Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs) and blue light emergency communication systems can operate in high-crime areas like parking garages, as well as airports, casinos, manufacturing facilities, and various commercial real estate and corporate campuses. (Per Knightscope, nearly 50% of its ASRs are in parking lots and structures, due to them being crime areas that directly impact nigh-countless types of buildings’ employees and visitors. (e.g. smash-and-grab crimes, trespassing, vehicle theft, vandalism, etc.)

But this isn’t all that – in matter of speaking – Knightscope secures.

Knightscope officially announced that it has also secured two new contracts to deploy its latest K5 ASRs and MaaS subscriptions to a Washington State casino and a multi-tenant, Class-A workspace provider in Texas.

The casino, per Knightscope, is “a premier luxury resort destination in Washington that will see the K5 patrolling its parking lots near the hotel and event center.” (Adding even more to the already-advanced casino surveillance equipment ecosystem.)

As for the Texan workspace provider, it first considered Knightscope’s K5s an option “in order to affordably improve situational awarenesses in parking lots and other common outdoor areas.” Known it is area for bringing “first-class amenities and flexible solutions in a multi-tenant environment for enterprise-level tenants,” the provider will greatly benefit from Knightscope’s services, in terms of perimeter protections and overall more reassured atmosphere.

Equipped with 360-degree visibility (even in darkness) and its high-definition video streaming capabilities, Knightscope also has a sensitive, 16-microphone array with two-way audio functionality.

With Knightscope’s K5 ASRs, more organizations are likely to elevate property values and both meet and exceed public security requirements so people feel as safe as they already should.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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