IoT Evolution World Week in Review: Sierra, Experian, Teradata


It’s been a lovely week in the IoT and it’s time to take a look back. This is the IoT Evolution World Week in Review. We’ll get to the news in just a bit, but first a quick reminder about the IoT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas, July 11 to 14. If you want to get in on it as a sponsor or exhibitor, now’s the time, so hook up with Matt Gleeson, our Biz Dev maestro.

And now, the news:

Sierra Wireless recently announced availability of its AirLink MP70 LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) vehicle router for mission critical applications in public safety, transit and field services. It is designed to serve as a purpose-built, high-performance vehicle networking solution that enables multiple high-bandwidth applications to work simultaneously, more than 10 times faster and four times further from the vehicle than ever before.

As more “things” get connected, the usual laissez faire attitude to security just won’t cut it anymore. Recognizing that, Experian has issued 12 tips for consumers and businesses looking to stay safe.

It is generally accepted that no connected IT system can be totally invulnerable, but the next best thing is to learn about the system’s weak points before anyone else discovers them. That is why so many organizations use the services of penetration testers.

The hottest patents in the secondary market are IoT patents. IoT technologies cross over many different fields, from networking and communications to SaaS, mobile technologies, sensor technologies, and on and on. Any product in the IoT space is likely to touch on many preexisting technologies, some of which may be patented.

This week on the IoT Time Podcast, I sit down with Dale Glover, Managing Director, business consulting, Teradata, to talk about data analytics in connected transportation. Also: fast cars, cybercrime and driverless infrastructure. On a related note, I should tell you that I’ll be shooting some special video episodes of the podcast live at the IoT Evolution Expo, so you won’t want to miss that. Hit me up if you’d like to be a guest.

There’s plenty more to read, listen to and watch, so visit us on IoT Evolution World for all the IoT news, my friends. Keep the IoT Evolution Expo in Fort Lauderdale in your calendar. Also, please get in touch with us when you have stories. As always, if you have questions, comments, input or abuse, please send it to our editorial director, Ken Briodagh at or on Twitter @KenBriodagh

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