NEXCOM and ALTECH Help Reduce Ambulance Response Time in Spain


According to a recent announcement, NEXCOM has collaborated with ALTECH to enable Emergency Medical Teams (EMT) to swing into action quicker than ever.

In response to the public’s calls, nearly 1000 emergency trips have been made by vehicles equipped with NEXCOM and ALTECH's rugged mobile solutions which provide geographic information, emergency communications, and incident management to support quick response, safe practices, and operational efficiency for emergency medical services (EMS) and other first responder units.

“Mobile solutions aiming to reduce EMT response times are growing in complexity,” said Andres Brunet Tena, Project Department Manager, Solutions and Consulting, ALTECH. “As an IT company focusing on mobile solutions for emergency services and security forces, ALTECH finds that NEXCOM's VTC series of in-vehicle computers are high-quality robust platforms which integrate mobile computing, wireless communication, and device connectivity and guarantee successful project implementations.”

When an EMT is mobilized, staff can find GPS coordinates and the fastest route, based on live traffic flow, preloaded to a VTC-enabled ambulance, receive incident updates en route, and arrive on the scene within minutes if it is a life-threatening incident. The EMT can use LTE, TETRA, or satellite channels to communicate a patient’s status with a service center, which can then notify hospitals of a patient's status and estimated time of arrival to smooth the following patient handover at the hospital, therefore allowing the EMT to go back into service quickly.

“ALTECH exploits the VTC's information technology strengths to serve our clients with the most innovative and reliable solutions, so service centers, ambulances, and hospitals' emergency departments can coordinate together to enable patients to be treated promptly on the scene and admitted to hospitals with adequate resources, elevating the efficiency of EMS. In this joint effort, ALTECH's VTC-based mobile solutions have been adopted in medical emergencies, fire rescues, and airport ground operations in Spain,” said Leo Chang, Director, Mobile Computing Solutions Business Unit, NEXCOM.

Currently, nearly 1000 ambulances outfitted with ALTECH's VTC-based mobile solutions are operating as a part of Catalonia EMS, Sistema d'Emergencies Mediques (SEM), while a few hundred VTC-equipped ambulances are enrolled in Madrid EMS, Servicio de Urgencia Medica en la Comunidad de Madrid (SUMMA 112).

Edited by Alicia Young

Editorial Director

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