Grubbrr Revolutionizes the Hospitality Industry with Charitable Giving


The hospitality industry has always been dependent upon a fusion of sales transactions and documentation. A hotel requiring record-keeping of guests, different room rates, or a restaurant keeping track of new menu items, prices, even staff members’ work schedules. Point of Sales has continually been critical to a strong and profitable business. The evolution of POS has been completely transformed in the industry over the years to enabling much more than just the traditional POS tasks of the past.

Imagine a fully integrated, modular platform which can simplify and make efficient the work of CIOs and CTOs in the hotel and restaurant industry. Customer Order Management systems which talk to the Workforce Management System and the Supply Chain Management Systems anticipating a shortage of workers, ingredients, equipment, and then seamlessly fulfilling it, or removing items from the Order Management System if unavailable. Or Dynamic pricing based on analytics, offering Loyalty Programs for guests in real-time based on real-time data, market conditions, supplies, weather, etc. Imagine customers being greeted personally, and asked if they would like a repeat order of what they had the last time? All this and more is what Grubbrr Inc.’s platform has the ability to achieve.

Grubbrr Inc. provides a complete solution to the hospitality industry with the goal to address the challenges restaurant/hotel owners face with disjointed systems, paper-based processes, and the lack of tracking tools. It can be a complete platform for restaurant and hotel management for value added services and food selections as well as be a carrier for streaming content such as advertisements, shows in the lobby, at the table or even in guest rooms. Grubbrr connects it all with:

  • Order Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Inventory Management
  • IoT tracking
  • Notification/tracking of charitable donations by the venue.

Upselling of services can occur, video streaming of ads and games which can increase revenues. “Additionally Grubbrr supports streaming video for paid ads and video gaming that can be paid as well, enhancing the customer experience and brings new revenue opportunities for venue owners.” Says Grubbrr Inc.’s CEO, Bhavin Asher. This works by anyone being able to advertise on the platform for a fee, the business which has acquired the software then has the ability to decide which ads are being shown. A good example of this is ZEE TV in India who are launching new hip restaurants with Grubbrr showing only their shows. This increases profits, improves the customer experience, and brings operational efficiencies with real-time insights into restaurant operations through comprehensive reporting. Grubbrr Products include:

  • A KIOSK module
  • Server (waiter) module for taking orders from the restaurant floor
  • Reservation module
  • Staff Management with Payment Point of Sales
  • Branch and Franchise Management

The platform is smartphone/tablet based and tablets can be purchased or leased by Apple inexpensively for small monthly fee. The system uses a hybrid technology of cloud and premises based connectivity, meaning that the platform can be run standalone if the Internet is down and can be synced between devices in real-time making Grubbrr incredibly resilient. The Grubbrr platform is as easy as plug and play as additional functions can be turned on as needed with a license key as it’s all already there in the cloud.

In addition, the Grubbrr platform can also track what ingredients have been used, who is serving the customer, who is cooking the meal, and who the customer is. Analytics are captured to prevent wastage and stored at a central point. This kind of information can be used advantageously. In the US alone 30-40% of the food supply is wasted. This is an estimate by The US Department of Agriculture (133 billion pounds of food from stores, restaurants, and homes.) That is a lot of food wastage. Most restaurants throw away all items at closing, Grubbrr can track and notify local food shelters for pick up and track it for tax saving. In doing so, the owner benefits and feels good that they are doing their part, the cashier does not need to go to the dumpster to dump it all, and people at the food shelters benefit...democratizing gourmet food with a Digital Transformation startup.

Another use for Grubbrr is that it can be robot-powered, using Artificial Intelligence. AI has taken the world by storm, we are all familiar with machine learning, IoT sensors, and AI usage in our everyday lives. Robots using computer vision, and Natural Language Processing (NLP), a popular illustration of this would be Netflix and Amazon, both of which use machine learning to remember our preferences to provide a better movie and shopping experience. Grubbrr can be a single platform that enables this as well within the Hospitality domain. By implementing the Grubbrr Greeter tablet and Order Management on a Robot Greeter, AI can enable the adaptation of the order of selections from prior customer preferences, including selections that are not typically on the menu. “Imagine Grubbrr’s Order Management solution talking to a Robot Chef, that can adapt the recipe to the customer's choice, and inventory quantities in real-time. Imagine sensors everywhere, from refrigerators monitoring temperatures, sensors for ingredients being used, and analytics capturing who wastes the most and from this, recommendations are made.” Claims Akshay Sharma, Tech Advisor at Grubbrr Inc.

This can further be used for Inventory Management, Workforce Management, and with Table/Room Management with an aim to minimize wastage. In this way, Grubbrr is not limited to the restaurant/hotel industry and can be applied to all businesses such as hospitals with wasted resources, rooms/MRI machines, etc. to retail and all within a single handheld device.

Arti Loftus is an experienced Information Technology specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the research, writing, and editing industry with many published articles under her belt.

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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