M2M and Embedded Devices to Grow Under Aegis of Antenova's Antenna Solutions

By Mini Swamy November 30, 2010

With the M2M and embedded devices market set to experience tremendous growth,  Antenova ltd.'s integrated antenna and RF solutions company has announced increased focus on these markets and has offered a range of drop-in antenna solutions to cater to the rapidly growing demands. In this connection, its gigaNOVA range of market proven standard antennas and RADIONOVA RF Antenna Modules deserve special mention. 

M2M module and device vendors are partial to Reflexus and Calvus cellular penta-band SMD antennasas they provide high efficiency and ease of integration of a standard surface mount device. Both the antennas are suitable for GSM/GPRS modules as well as 3G modules. The GPS RADIONOVA RF Antenna Modules have gained traction and become popular with Personal Trackers, Automatic Vehicle Locators and Vehicle “Black Box applications.” They are also used in telematics, automatic meter reading, remote medical monitoring, wireless security, home automation, and other embedded device applications.  

The gigaNOVA and RADIONOVA ranges of market leading standard antennas and RF solutions are used in a wide range of embedded and M2M applications requiring cellular, LTE, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and GPS connectivity.

 “The M2M market is set to experience significant growth and Antenova is very well positioned to continue to serve the wireless module and device makers,” Greg McCray, CEO of Antenova said.

Speaking about the versatility of the gigaNOVA range of 2.4 GHz antennas, he said, “Our gigaNOVA range of 2.4GHz antennas have been implemented in several luxury vehicle infotainment systems, and demand continues to grow with proliferation into other models, and added that Reflexus and Calvus cellular penta-band SMD antennas are extremely popular with M2M module and device vendors as they provide high efficiency with the ease of integration of a standard surface mount device.

“Both Reflexus and Calvus are suitable for GSM/GPRS modules as well as 3G modules for vendors looking to future proof their products,” he continued. “And, our GPS RADIONOVA RF Antenna Modules have gained great traction with Personal Trackers, Automatic Vehicle Locators and Vehicle ‘Black Box’ applications. With such a wide range of applications in so many vertical markets, it’s easy to see why analysts and industry experts are touting ’50 billion connectable devices.’ Most M2M/Embedded Device applications require more than one type of wireless connection. For instance, most tracker applications for vehicles, people, high value items, etc. would require a GPS connection for location information and a cellular connection for communicating back to the system operator. While a home automation or security system may use a Bluetooth or ZigBee connection for communication between nodes in the home, but use a Wi-Fi or WiMAX broadband connection to the service provider. And, Antenova has the ideal combination of experience and know-how with the largest range of standard antennas and RF antenna modules for the broadest range of wireless technologies to address this market.” 

Antenova is expected to exhibit and speak at the M2M World Congress Dec. 1 to 2, in Shanghai, China, where global leaders are expected to discuss the future of M2M.

Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for IoTevolutionworld. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Tammy Wolf

IoTevolutionworld Contributor

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