Kii's New Internet of Things Platform Hits Early Access Stage

By Steve Anderson October 27, 2014

There have been a great many developments in the field of late when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), and that's brought out an array of new products and services alike. But development is still somewhat slow on the ground; potentially forgivable considering the comparatively new nature of the technology in question. But a new development from Kii may help push IoT development forward a little harder with a complete development platform, which Kii announced early access availability only recently.

The Kii development platform offers a variety of new features for those interested in driving the future of the IoT, including tools like device management systems, big data analytics systems, a full mobile backend, optimization mechanisms and even the ability to enable devices for the cloud without regard for type of hardware, the operating system involved, or even the chipset involved in the device. The device management tools allow for remote deployments and push updates to improve the versatility of the system, and allow the devices involved in the system to maintain maximum security thanks to the ready availability and access to relevant software patches.

Better yet, the inclusion of the analytics tools—it's easy enough to wonder why analytics tools would be included in an IoT development platform—means that developers will be able to better understand usage profiles and generate better options for users that are more in line with what the users are commonly looking for. Deployment can not only be done via Kii's own cloud-based platform, but also as a private instance in currently-operating datacenters, a development that will no doubt be welcome for those looking to get more IoT operations going.

Kii's IoT platform comes with plenty of support as well; the company has previously been seen making partnerships with several different enterprises ranging from AllSeen Alliance, Amazon Web Services, and Winner Micro just to name a few. Given that a recent IDC report suggests that the market for IoT services and the like is set to reach $7.1 trillion by just 2020, it's easy to see why development tools would be particularly welcome, leading some to likely make the comparisons about selling shovels during a gold rush.

Kii's CEO, Masanan Arai, offered up some comment ahead of the release, saying “The wave of innovation led by IoT is creating tremendous opportunities. Our mission is to provide device manufacturers, service providers and developers with all the enabling tools and services they need to quickly and economically build successful connected solutions from the idea prototyping stage to massive scale distribution.”

Kii's reputation in the field, earned over the course of much of the last 10 years—the company has been a name in the field since about 2007, and it currently works with over 140 million end users worldwide—will likely prove quite a help as the company carries on offering tools to help make the next generation of IoT advancements possible. There's certainly plenty of room in the market for such developments, as the sheer size of the projected market shows quite plainly. Kii may be in an excellent position to help drive the next generation of tools; kind of a behind-the-scenes sort of development, but one that will likely yield plenty of revenue and name recognition, if only in the industry itself. Only time will tell how well it works, but it should work out pretty well indeed.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Contributing IoTevolutionworld Writer

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