Kirsen Deploys AT&T's Wireless Telemetry and International Data Services Solution

By Jayashree Adkoli May 25, 2010

Kirsen Technologies, a company dealing with cargo container security and monitoring, has signed international mobility deal with AT&T, in order to provide even better and more secure tracking of international cargo shipments for its clients.

Under the terms of this agreement, Kirsen will be utilizing AT&T's wireless telemetry and international data services solution. The company will be integrating AT&T's wireless telemetry and international data services solution into its Container Monitoring System, or "CMS," to develop a new solution.

Kirsen's Container Monitoring System offers continuous monitoring of container integrity and location; executes emergency actions with the secured container both automatically and upon the system operator's command; collects, classifies and stores container data; and provides real-time data presentation to the operator or other authorized users.

According to Kirsen, the new solution utilizing AT&T's wireless solutions will provide the customers and potential customers of the company with the security and assurance of knowing the location and general status of their cargo.

Apart from showing the status of customer's cargo, Kirsen's new solution will also provide customers with intrusion alarms and monitoring of temperature, humidity, impact, and more.

"AT&T's extensive coverage footprint in the U.S. and abroad gives us the confidence we need in order to offer our unique cargo tracking solution to our clients," said Cyril Rastoll, senior engineering manager at Kirsen Technologies. "Linking with AT&T allows us to provide a complete and more comprehensive solution to our customers."

Kirsen Technologies provides multi-modal cargo Container Monitoring Systems "CMS," offering security products and managed security solutions to both commercial as well as government entities. It has operations in the U.S., Russia, and Germany. Fortune 1000 companies have currently employed the company's CMS solution to track their cargo containers.

AT&T offers wireless, Wi-Fi, high-speed Internet and voice services.

In the recent news, IoTevolutionworld reported that AT&T has added soft token authentication support to AT&T Token Authentication Service to offer mobile workers with easy access to private networks. 

In addition, IoTevolutionworld also reported that AT&T would provide mobile management services to enterprise customers in supported countries.

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