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February 11, 2016

Skypatrol Links with Vodafone for Global Telematics Connectivity

Skypatrol provides global telematics solutions that address such use cases and industry sectors as field/fleet management, military emergency relief, private security, power sports, stolen vehicle recovery, vehicle finance, and workforce management.

The company delivers these offerings to businesses and organizations all over the globe. So when Skypatrol was scouring the market for partners that could meet its connectivity needs – and the requirements of its customers – the company quickly identified Vodafone. The Global SIM and related connectivity Vodafone provides work seamlessly and with proven reliability, making it possible for Skypatrol to deploy worldwide for a clientele that is operating locally, regionally and internationally.

There is no need to tweak or reprogram for one country vs. another; the SIM just works. Vodafone supports Skypatrol geographically and technologically, says Dan Bruck, marketing director of Skypatrol, and its broad reach means Skypatrol doesn’t have to cut 100 different agreements in 100 different areas of the world. Skypatrol’s reliance on the Vodafone network, he adds, also means it can focus on its core competencies and leave the rest to Vodafone.

“For the total solution offering we present to customers worldwide we require a best-of-breed M2M provider,” Bruck says. “Vodafone’s global leadership combined with its competitive pricing is a compelling choice.” The Vodafone network provides the underlying connectivity for the following Skypatrol offerings:

• Fleet Management – Skypatrol’s Fleet Command platform allows fleet managers to locate all vehicles 24/7 and analyze custom, real-time key performance metrics. With detailed mapping, current vehicle information and tailored reports, Fleet Command facilitates rapid data analysis that makes way for informed decisions that improve fleet performance and the bottom line. In addition, the platform provides the operator with enhanced monitoring and control over driver activity – resulting in a more productive workforce. The Vodafone network provides the connectivity thread to make it all come together.

• Military Applications/Emergency Relief – Global military logistics pose special challenges for GPS tracking systems with deployments in every corner of the world. In one week, mission-critical assets might traverse three continents – and do so on a minute’s notice. The moment aircraft have landed or ships reach port, their GPS units actively communicate their arrival and exact locations. When disaster strikes, those who are supporting people in need must know that vital supplies are safely getting to the disaster site. If they are somehow commandeered, officials need to know exactly where they are so they can be redirected to the intended recipient. Without the cross-border and universal ability to connect to the local cellular network, all via Vodafone, the GPS hardware would be without value.

• Private Security – In the U.S. alone, the annual revenues of the private security industry are more than $25 billion. Tracking assets is a full time job – keeping in mind that assets may be officers deployed, valuable cargo, facilities, or those being protected – and they may be anywhere in the world. Vodafone provides a critical link that allows Skypatrol to monitor and protect these assets virtually anywhere.

• Service Teams – With a portable GPS device on each worker, businesses can see exactly where they are using Google Maps so they can send the field worker closest to the job at any given time.

• Workforce Management – With a portable GPS combined with Vodafone’s ubiquitous and capable mobile network, supervisors can have detailed insights into the activities of field salesforce teams. By activating the Skypatrol app, supervisors can see exactly where personnel are, where they are going, and when they wander from predefined boundaries. When a new prospect calls and asks if Skypatrol can provide service in a particular country, the company does a quick search through the Vodafone coverage area – mostly as a formality, Bruck says. As with mobile operations in 26 countries, and partnerships with mobile networks in over 50 more, Skypatrol has the confidence that Vodafone will always have the assets in place to offer the needed connectivity.

“Vodafone brings together unrivalled capabilities – the world’s largest communications network, an outstanding offering, and vast experience,” says Andrew Morawski, head of M2M Americas at Vodafone. “The combination of Vodafone’s fully owned network and strong partner alliances provide customers with the consistency, reliability, and service quality that enterprise demand to run their most critical operations.”

Businesses and industry analysts have noticed. In fact, Gartner in its most recent Magic Quadrant for Managed Machine-to Machine Services report named Vodafone the worldwide leader in the space. That’s for good reason. Vodafone offers the largest collection of M2M connections and delivers widespread coverage across the globe. And the company, which can manage competitor network contracts on behalf of its clients, provides all that as a one-stop solution. All of the above makes working with the carrier extremely easy, particularly for multinational organizations that can get everything they need from one connectivity supplier: Vodafone.

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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