Orange Israel Launches NewACT's Mobile Data Synchronization and Collaboration Service

By Anil Sharma April 09, 2008
Partner Communications Company, operator of the Orange network in Israel, has launched NewACT's mSync-based suite of services.

The application suite branded 'orange forever' by Partner Communications allows Partner's subscribers to synchronize their contacts (SIM and PIM), calendar, pictures, videos and messages between their mobile handset and the Orange Web site.
On the Orange portal, subscribers are able to edit, manage and archive their data as well as share it with other users. The data is also always available for restoring in case of a handset upgrade, loss or damage.

"With mobile phones becoming major content creation tools and with the increased amount and importance of mobile data stored on mobile phones, we believe 'orange forever' answers a real need for our customers," Ofir Yaffe, Head of Product Marketing at orange Israel said.

"Serving as many mobile phones as possible and reducing the time and effort required to introduce new devices are key for our success. NewACT's mobile client technology practically eliminates this effort, significantly contributing to service take up and success. NewACT's synchronization technology enables simplified and intuitive user experience as well as true synchronization between multiple devices on the network."

Partner Communications Company is a mobile communications operator providing GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA services and wire free applications. The Company provides service and a range of features to 2.860 million subscribers in Israel.

"Our mSync suite provides the most complete end-to-end synchronization, storage and collaboration solution for mobile operators and service providers. Combined with our unique client technology which makes this service available on virtually any mobile device, we believe this service is geared for immediate success." said Rafi Ton, CEO of NewACT.

"The flexibility and openness of the mSync platform allows for fast implementation of additional value added services that can share the content from the mobile while enabling further differentiation and revenue for our customers."

NewACT provides Device Independent Mobile Data Synchronization and Collaboration solutions. By using NewACT's mSync services, mobile subscribers have the freedom and flexibility to synchronize, centrally store and manipulate any data that has accumulated on their mobile handsets such as address books, calendars, photos and messages.

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