ZingBox Announces Collaboration with VMware to Inspire IoT Trust

By Ken Briodagh August 25, 2017

In a recent release, ZingBox, Internet of Things (IoT) security solution provider, and VMware have announced a new joint initiative to deliver enhanced security to enterprise IoT implementations.

"We are excited to leverage the strong VMware products with our best-in-class IoT security technology," said Xu Zou, co-founder and CEO, ZingBox. "Our collaboration will enable IT and OT leaders to increase overall vendor/solution credibility, particularly in manufacturing, retail and healthcare."

ZingBox joins forces with VMware with the goal of properly safeguarding IoT environments by adding security at every level of the architecture: software, hardware, network and user, according to the announcement.

"The process of provisioning, managing and securing IoT devices remains a significant challenge for many organizations," said Mimi Spier, VP, IoT, VMware. "We are excited to team up with ZingBox to greatly simplify the security and management of IoT infrastructure."

The two companies said they will work to integrate ZingBox's IoT personality-based approach with the VMware Pulse IoT Center, an IoT infrastructure management solution. This will allow ZingBox to introduce the element of trust between IoT devices and a vendor-neutral open source SDK through device identity management and enforcing acceptable behavior based on rules created within VMware Pulse IoT Center.

"ZingBox focuses on IoT security and the need to tighten it at all levels—software, hardware, network and user access," said May Wang, co-founder and CTO, ZingBox. "Part of our mission is to educate the healthcare industry about the need for IoT operational analytics and its benefits. This partnership focuses on the benefits of our pre-integrated and pre-validated solution and how it reduces time to value for the end customer."

ZingBox leverages machine learning to discover, assess risk, baseline normal behavior, detect anomalous activities and provide real-time remediation for the enterprise. The technology understands each IoT device's personality, analyzes communication to and from every device, watches for deviations in behavior and provides alerts for suspicious behavior.

The VMware Pulse IoT Center is designed to simplify IoT infrastructure through managing all connected things in one platform while improving the reliability and security of IoT infrastructure through accurate and real-time visibility of IoT device health and accelerating the ROI of IoT use cases by streamlining how IoT projects are deployed and scaled.

Ken Briodagh is a writer and editor with more than a decade of experience under his belt. He is in love with technology and if he had his druthers would beta test everything from shoe phones to flying cars.

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