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Alex Passett


Alex is a passionate writer, editor, and multimedia content advisor. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Illinois State University in 2015, where his concentrations included English literature, Spanish linguistics, and cinema studies. Since then, Alex has managed specialized content for a live entertainment production company, an IT managed service provider, national print media, and global e-commerce.


Latest Articles

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ZEDEDA Adds Lisa Edwards as New Board Member, Seeks to Opportunities to Strengthen Operations and Scale 03/26/2024
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Mouse Electronics and Morse Micro's Agreement to Boost Accessibility for Wi-Fi HaLow Solutions 03/20/2024
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'Same IoT Experts, New Name' for Ezurio, formerly Laird Connectivity 03/19/2024
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Navigating LiDAR and Transformative IoT Landscapes: A Conversation with LightWare Ahead of IoT Evolution Expo 2024 01/26/2024
The Atlas 'World's First Automotive-Grade 4D LiDAR' for Mass Production Automotive Applications, Courtesy of Aeva 01/25/2024
Zipit Wireless, a Platinum Sponsor of IoT Evolution Expo 2024, Removes Industry Hassles and Provides Seamless Connectivity Management 01/24/2024
BlackBerry and Intellias Establish Strategic Partnership to Streamline SDV Development via BlackBerry IVY Platform 01/24/2024
'World's Longest-Range Wi-Fi HaLow Solution' Demonstrated by IoT Innovators at Morse Micro 01/23/2024
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Origin AI Raises $15.9M in Funding to Further Smart Home Wi-Fi Sensing Capabilities 01/10/2024
Making the Right Connections: 1NCE Plugins Set a New Standard for IoT Tools and Connectivity 01/10/2024
New Cellular IoT Module from Cavli Wireless Addresses Connectivity Needs for Turkish Markets and Beyond 01/09/2024
IoT Evolution Expo Gold Sponsor Radix IoT Introduces Mango 5.1 with MQTT Publisher Support for Monitoring and Scalability 01/09/2024
Morse Mirco to Demonstrate Versatility of Modern IoT through Wi-Fi HaLow Technology 01/08/2024
Construction Safety and IoT: Brickeye Announces Performance-Based Temperature Differential Limit, Enhancing Mass Concrete Monitoring 01/08/2024
IoT 2023: How the Internet of Things Helped Tackle a Year of Troubles and Triumphs, Especially Ahead of IoT Evolution Expo 2024 01/05/2024
Fighting Fire with IoT: Dryad Networks' Silvanet Suite of Sensors Prevents Vast Wildfire Devastation 01/05/2024
Another IoT-Forward Collab with Microsoft: Mangata Networks to Lend its Innovative Services for AI-Enabled Connectivity via Satellite 01/04/2024
Strengthening the Cornerstones of IoT Security: TEAL and Kigen Partner to Scale and Reshape SIM Technologies 01/03/2024
Through Fog, a Clear Solution: Enviroblind and Essence Group Supply Peace of Mind with MyShield 01/03/2024
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5G IoT Connectivity to Benefit from New Partnership Between OQ Technology and o2 Telefonica 11/27/2023
An IoT-LEO Upgrade: Mopeka and Globalstar Extend Connectivity Capabilities 11/13/2023
Airgain, Inc. and Lotier International are Fast-Tracking IoT Expansion in LAC 11/10/2023
Next-Gen GPS and the Impacts on IoT: Zephr Raises $3.5M to Address Critical Challenges 11/09/2023
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