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Alex Passett


Alex is a passionate writer, editor, and multimedia content advisor. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Illinois State University in 2015, where his concentrations included English literature, Spanish linguistics, and cinema studies. Since then, Alex has managed specialized content for a live entertainment production company, an IT managed service provider, national print media, and global e-commerce.


Latest Articles

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Keyfactor Joins the CSA to Deepen IoT Connectivity and Secure Digital Trust 03/21/2023
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Kudelski IoT Provides Secure Services to Manufacturers Adopting Matter 03/15/2023
RoboSense Launches Innovative RS-Fusion-P6 LiDAR Perception Solution for Level 4 Autonomous Driving 03/14/2023
HPE's Aruba is Collaborating with reelyActive and Microsoft Azure to Enhance IoT Workload Migrations 03/14/2023
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SAS and CyberProtonics: Embedding Quantum-Resistant Encryption for Nanosatellites and Ground Terminals 03/13/2023
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LTIMindtree Announces New Delivery Center in Krakow, Poland 03/10/2023
Guardforce AI Secures Innovative AIoT 'Robot Advertising' Contract in Macau 03/09/2023
Google Approved as a Promoter Member of the MIPI Alliance 03/08/2023
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Emnify Takes Home the Platinum Prize for Best Cellular IoT Initiative, Awarded by Juniper Research 01/27/2023
An IoTOps Partnership: SecuriThings Partners with Convergint to Support its IoT Managed Service Centers 01/27/2023
IoT and Environmental Monitoring: Interlink Electronics Acquires KMJ Engineering and SPEC Sensors 01/27/2023
IoT M2M Council Welcomes GEO Satellite Provider eSAT Global 01/25/2023
A New IoT Partnership Between Blues Wireless and Positive Sum 01/24/2023
LoRaWAN, IoTLogIQ, and Industry 4.0: Senzary's Finger on the Pulse of Industrial IoT 01/24/2023
SAS Intelligent Planning Cloud Provides AI-Powered Supply Chain Solutions 01/23/2023
SAS Intelligent Planning Cloud Provides AI-Powered Supply Chain Solutions 01/23/2023
A Smart Collaboration: CEVA and LG Partner to Upgrade Smart Home Appliances 01/23/2023
Smarter Mobility: Microsoft Connected Fleets Reference Architecture, Now Adopted by Wejo 01/23/2023
The Demands of Interconnectivity: Radix's Assessment of the IoT Industry 01/20/2023
Securities First: Global IoT Markets Take Note of Cyber Threats for 2023 01/19/2023
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A Technology that Cares: Libelium's Focus on Sustainable IoT Advancements 01/18/2023
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Tricky Lawns, Begone: AI-Powered LawnMeister Lawn Care Robot Debuted by Heisenberg Robotics 01/17/2023
GetWireless Announces New IoT Partnerships and LoRaWAN Support 01/16/2023
Simplifying IoT: 1NCE Launches 1NCE OS to Make IoT Easier and More Affordable 01/16/2023
IoT Provider Senseware Rebrands to Attune as Technologies Evolve 01/12/2023
ng-voice's Cloud-Native IMS Solutions Selected by Webbing for Critical IoT Applications 01/11/2023
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Smart Lock Provider Kaadas Announces its Expansion into the North American Market 01/06/2023
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Smart Metering Projections for North American Markets 01/03/2023