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Alex Passett


Alex is a passionate writer, editor, and multimedia content advisor. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Illinois State University in 2015, where his concentrations included English literature, Spanish linguistics, and cinema studies. Since then, Alex has managed specialized content for a live entertainment production company, an IT managed service provider, national print media, and global e-commerce.


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Extending the 'Reach' for Powering In-Flight Drones, Courtesy of Engineers at Reach 06/17/2024
: Extending the 'Reach' for Powering In-Flight Drones, Courtesy of Engineers at Reach 06/17/2024
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ZEDEDA Adds Lisa Edwards as New Board Member, Seeks Opportunities to Strengthen Operations and Scale 03/26/2024
ZEDEDA Adds Lisa Edwards as New Board Member, Seeks to Opportunities to Strengthen Operations and Scale 03/26/2024
An Existing IoT Collab, Emboldened: Digi International and Telit Cinterion Transform Solutions with 5G RedCap Integration 03/25/2024
Telit Cinterion's 5G LGA Modules, Powered by Snapdragon from Qualcomm, to Create a Big Leap in IoT Connectivity 03/25/2024
Mouser Electronics and Morse Micro's Agreement to Boost Accessibility for Wi-Fi HaLow Solutions 03/21/2024
Mouse Electronics and Morse Micro's Agreement to Boost Accessibility for Wi-Fi HaLow Solutions 03/20/2024
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