EnvisionABQ, Citelum Group to Improve Lighting and Smart City in Albuquerque

By Ken Briodagh November 27, 2017

In a recent announcement, Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor R. Richard Berry celebrated the activation of a 15-year contract to convert more than 20,000 streetlights to LED, implement Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, and deploy a central management system for operation and maintenance in the city.

As a result of the initiative, the City of Albuquerque and Citelum have collaborated to create the “EnvisionABQ”  plan to upgrade all of the city’s lighting. The “Lighting Master Plan” has been designed based on a complete inventory of city-owned assets and analysis of the city’s urban landscape, taking into account local heritage, public safety goals, and land use.

Citelum said it will invest $22 million to upgrade all city-owned lights within one year, maintain the upgraded system for 14 years, and guarantee cost savings for energy and maintenance while delivering improved lighting performance and service levels over the term of the contract.

The energy and maintenance savings generated by this performance-based contract will go towards the implementation of Smart City architecture for Albuquerque, under the deal. This platform is built around Cisco Kinetic for Cities, a network of street level sensors and edge analytics, and a suite of use cases and solutions they can enable. Cisco Kinetic for Cities has 34 global deployments in large cities and small towns, including Las Vegas and Kansas City, Missouri in the U.S.

“Cisco is proud to work with Citelum to provide the Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform to enable city officials to make data-driven decisions to help improve public safety, energy efficiency and the quality of life for Albuquerque’s residents,” said Larry Payne, SVP, U.S. Public Sector, Cisco.

While generating 58 percent guaranteed energy conservation and reducing light pollution, the improved lighting also will enhance the visibility and coverage of surveillance video captured by the Albuquerque Police Department Real Time Crime Center. The LED is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 123,000 tons over the life of the project.

“EnvisionABQ is the result of Mayor Berry’s vision for the future, as well as a tremendous collaborative work effort between the City’s and Citelum’s teams to engineer a custom Lighting Master Plan and implement an innovative performance-based contract for the next fifteen years,” said Pierre Devilliers, U.S. General Manager, Citelum. “We are very proud to provide our expertise to ensure that the City of Albuquerque receives the full benefits of an optimized lighting performance correlated to significant carbon footprint and energy consumption reduction, as well as smart city services.”

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