State of IoT Report: Cradlepoint Keynotes IoT Evolution Expo

By Ken Briodagh January 24, 2018

At the IoT Evolution Expo this week, the breakout sessions in Security, Healthcare IoT, Enterprise deployments and many other topics, general session panels like the excellent Money Matters and Women in IoT discussions, and keynotes from Intel, Verizon and many others, are helping attendees frame strategy and learn new tools for IoT success.

Ken Hosac of Cradlepoint, took the stage to give attendees a glimpse at what the IoT industry has been up to over the last few months. The company recently completed and published a new state of the industry report with research firm Spiceworks, which resulted from interviews with more than 400 IT professionals in the US, UK and Canada.

He began with an interesting case about a “police car of the future” and showed how it is a mobile IoT center, incorporating a blend of traditional technology, like a laptop and tablet, and IoT devices and objects like accelerometers and other sensors, bodycams, and license plate readers.

After the case was closed (HA), Hosac moved to outlining some top results.

The biggest thing was that IT departments are very optimistic about IoT, with about 70 percent of them already actively involved in IoT project development or execution. They did report concerns, however, namely: Security, which 41 percent identified, and Cost/ROI, which concerned 35 percent of respondents. All the other concern categories were well below these.

Hosac then went on to outline some of his plans for addressing these concerns, which mostly addressed ways to fix the larger internet’s “connect first, authenticate second” problem.

Watch this space for more keynote discussions from the IoT Evolution Expo.

Ken Briodagh is a writer and editor with more than a decade of experience under his belt. He is in love with technology and if he had his druthers would beta test everything from shoe phones to flying cars.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

Editorial Director

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