Astrocast and D-Orbit Announce InOrbit NOW Launch Agreement

By Ken Briodagh August 08, 2018

Astrocast and D-Orbit recently announced an InOrbit NOW DPOD agreement for the launch and deployment of ten Astrocast nanosatellites. Signed by company officials at the SmallSat Conference in Logan, Utah, the agreement calls for the Astrocast nanosatellites to be launched onboard an Arianspace VEGA or Vega C vehicle from Kourou, French Guiana between late 2019 and early 2020. VEGA C, the last generation of launcher is a European vehicle by AVIO SpA in the Colleferro Headquarters, in Italy.

“Astrocast is pleased to partner with D-Orbit in securing an established, proven launch vehicle for our fourth deployment of satellites,” said Fabien Jordan, founder and CEO, Astrocast. “This mission will mark an important milestone for Astrocast, as our second revenue-generating launch.”

“It is a privilege for D-Orbit to have been selected by Astrocast for such an important mission,” said Renato Panesi, CCO, D-Orbit. “Our InOrbit NOW launch services are ideal for the small satellite market because they provide high performance, guaranteed deployment, and an affordable cost.”

The ten Astrocast nanosatellites represent one orbital plane of their 80-satellite network.  The constellation will consist of 8 orbital planes, each consisting of 8 operational and 2 spare satellites. This 64-unit network of Low Earth Orbit spacecraft that will provide cost-effective Internet-of-Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine services for the 90 percent of the globe not covered by cellular systems. Astrocast’s constellation is expected to disrupt numerous enterprises, creating substantial efficiencies and cost advantages within key global sectors including maritime, oil and gas, mining, supply chain and logistics, automotive, utilities, and many others.

Following the scheduled Astrocast demonstration satellite launches in 2018, the InOrbit NOW mission will mark the fourth deployment of Astrocast’s spacecraft in orbit. During the planned Astrocast mission, the ten nanosatellites will travel inside the DPOD dispensers, designed by D-Orbit to reduce vibrations and shock levels during launch. The target orbit for the Astrocast mission spacecraft is 450-600km, in Sun Synchronous Orbit.

The launch agreement was signed on August 7 by Renato Panesi, CCO of D-Orbit and Fabien Jordan, CEO of Astrocast, in an onsite event also attended by Kjell Karlsen, CFO of Astrocast, in the D-Orbit booth at the SmallSat Conference.

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