NetComm Wireless Launches New Connection Device

By Ken Briodagh December 06, 2017

NetComm Wireless in a recent announcement has stated that it has developed a new product category: a Network Connection Device (NCD). Further, it has reportedly secured a large order from its initial customer NBN Co Ltd, a company building broadband network in Australia.

The company said its NCD is a new product category, developed for use in global markets and to be used in conjunction with NetComm Wireless' Distribution Point Unit (DPU).

The initial volume commitment from NBN, which is expected to grow over time, will result in revenues of $66 million to NetComm Wireless. NetComm Wireless' NCDs will undergo operational, customer, business and field testing with NBN prior to the commercial launch.

“We are very pleased to once again be at the leading edge of key technology developments that provide a real benefit to network operators,” said Ken Sheridan, CEO, NetComm Wireless. “Given our success with NBN in respect of their Fibre-to-the-Curb project, NBN was a natural inaugural customer and we are delighted to provide this NCD technology to further enhance the effectiveness of the Fibre-to-the-Curb rollout.”

The NCD incorporates a Gfast and VDSL modem, delivering fiber-like broadband speeds to customers over a short run of copper via an Ethernet connection for WiFi routers, computers and other devices. As the DPU needs power to function, a new approach was needed to overcome the cost of running a powerline to individual units: The NCD has a Reverse Power Feed capability that allows the DPU to be powered from the customer's premise. The device can be self-installed by the consumer inside the customer premises.

The NetComm Wireless' NCD is designed to allow operators to offer a fibre-like speed and experience, and an end-to-end network management assurance on the FTTC network.

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