BSM Technologies Announces Appointment of Chief Technology Officer

By: Ken Briodagh    3/23/2017

According to a recent announcement and release, BSM Technologies Inc., a provider of IoT-enabled remote monitoring, fleet management, and fleet diagno…

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Vodafone Connects Mobike's Bike-Sharing Scheme in Singapore

By: Ken Briodagh    3/22/2017

According to a new announcement, Vodafone is providing all the managed Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity for bike sharing company Mobike's operati…

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The New Sharing Economy May Begin With U (Uber, that is)

By: Special Guest    3/20/2017

Over the past few years, there's been talk in the industry that IoT-based car sharing services would be the end of the US automobile market.

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Prkfast Enters Agreement with SAP Vehicles Network

By: Ken Briodagh    3/15/2017

Prkfast, a tech startup with a mobile app for searching and paying for off-street parking, has announced a new agreement with SAP to provide cashless …

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SmartDrive Appoints Analytics Veteran Ray Ghanbari as Chief Technology Officer

By: Ken Briodagh    3/8/2017

In a recent announcement, SmartDrive Systems, a driving performance solutions provider that seeks to reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency, sa…

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Chevrolet Launches In-Vehicle Unlimited Data Plan

By: Ken Briodagh    3/3/2017

Chevy announcement makes it the first mass-market automaker to offer a prepaid unlimited data plan for connected car and IoT integrations.

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Honda Leverages Cisco to Launch Connected Car Service in Europe

By: Ken Briodagh    3/1/2017

In a recent announcement, Honda has said it is leveraging IoT solutions from Cisco Jasper and Bright Box to deliver its MyHonda Connected Car platform…

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MWC: SAP Partners with Concur, Hertz, Nokia and Mojio on New Connected Vehicle Technology

By: Ken Briodagh    2/27/2017

SAP has announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a new Connected Transportation technology designed to make life easier for drivers and rental …

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An Overview of Driverless Construction Trucks

By: Special Guest    2/27/2017

The first driverless vehicle to ever hit the road in the US may not be a car, but a truck.

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Qualcomm and LG Set Out to Bring 5G and V2X Into Vehicles

By: Ken Briodagh    2/23/2017

In a recent announcement, Qualcomm and LG Electronics have said they are coordinating efforts to facilitate testing and adoption of 5G and Cellular-V2…

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Orange Business Services Wins Hertz Contract

By: Chrissie Cluney    2/22/2017

Orange Business Services, which is a branch of Orange that is dedicated to B2B services, has won a three-year contract with Hertz for its IoT connecti…

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Home Security Solution Uses Bot-Enabled AI

By: Ken Briodagh    2/22/2017

In a recent announcement, Internet of Things (IoT) software company People Power has released its Pro Security white-label home security solution desi…

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Honeywell Announces Deal to Light Up Singapore Airport

By: Ken Briodagh    2/16/2017

The new Singapore Changi Airport lighting control and monitoring system by Honeywell will improve aircraft movement efficiency and safety at one of th…

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Verizon Acquires Drone Ops Company Skyward

By: Ken Briodagh    2/16/2017

Verizon acquires Skyward to simplify drone operations and reduce complexity for operators and advance strategy to leverage core assets.

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US DOT Sets New Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Requirements, Leaves Out IoT

By: Ken Briodagh    1/30/2017

The U.S. Department of Transportation auto-safety regulators have mandated that new vehicles must communicate with each other through vehicle-to-vehic…

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Honda Introduces New Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem for Connected Transportation

By: Ken Briodagh    1/23/2017

Honda recently unveiled its Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem connected transportation concept, designed to connect the power of artificial intelligence,…

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ATS Introduces SaaS Platform for Connected Cars

By: Ken Briodagh    1/23/2017

To showcase its recently launched software as a service (SaaS) platform for connected vehicles, ATS Advanced Telematic presented a proof of concept wi…

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Consumers Not Quite Ready for Driverless Cars, But Optimistic, Study Says

By: Ken Briodagh    1/19/2017

A new survey from Morning Consult, a media and technology company, has been released, and it seems to indicate that the driverless car industry still …

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CalAmp Enters Supply Chain Visibility Market

By: Ken Briodagh    1/18/2017

CalAmp has announced it will leverage LoJack to enter the cold chain and supply chain visibility markets with CalAmp Supply Chain Integrity (SCI), an …

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New Project to Measure Driver Behavior in US

By: Ken Briodagh    1/17/2017

Pointer Telocation has announced a new large-scale driver behavior project in the United States for a fleet of 4,000 cars, with the goal of reducing a…

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