Smart Grid Summit - What You Missed

By Jon Arnold (ICP) October 15, 2010

If you didn’t attend our event last week, I hope you at least had a chance to read about it – here, other media sources, on various blogs, on Twitter, etc. I’m not going to rehash that here – other than to urge you to sign up for our eNewsletter so you stay current on all things smart grid around here.

For the most part, I’ve already shifted gears and am in planning mode for our next summit – coming first week of February in Miami. I have a pretty good idea about what the Miami program will look like, but will wait first to see what ideas come back from all of you once the Call For Papers goes out. Also, I’ll be attending GridWeek in Washington D.C. next week, and will likely gain some inspiration there about what’s hot right now in smart grid. If you’re going and would like to meet up, just drop me a line – I’m not hard to find.

Back to last week – one more time. In addition to the various posting and photos I’ve cited about the summit, I have some video content to share with you. Wearing my IP communications hat, video has definitely come of age, and is the next best thing to being there. I’ve got two sets of video content to tell you about, and I think they’ll give you a pretty idea of what you missed. More importantly, I hope these will plant some seeds to get you making plans for Miami.

First up is a set of video interviews I did with the TMC AV crew. They had a very professional setup at the ITExpo, complete with a mini-studio, proper lighting and HD equipment. I took part in three of these segments – two of which I interviewed summit attendees, and one where Carl Ford interviewed me about the summit. The attendees I interviewed were Gary Croke of Aviat Networks, and Gary Hawkins of Celergy Networks. Each interview runs about 5 minutes, and while you’re there, feel free to check out all the other interviews from across the various ITExpo events.

The second set is a series I produced using my HD video camera. These are short excerpts – about two minutes each from various Smart Grid Summit keynotes and panel presentations. I just did these on the fly, and they’ll give you a flavor for what our speakers were talking about. The posted versions have been compressed from HD down for web viewing, but the quality is still quite good. In no particular order, here are the speakers featured in these segments:

·         Sven Thesen, Better Place

·         Jim Parks, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

·         Steve Oldham, USTelecom Association

·         Ernie Lewis, Verizon Business

·         Prof. Rajit Gadh, UCLA WINMEC

·         Prof. Emir Macari, California State University

·         Tim Boucher, Southern California Edison and Jerry Melcher, EnerNex

·         Ishak Kang, Dot UI

·         Gary Sorkin, USNAP Alliance

For now, you can access these clips from my Analyst 2.0 blog or my YouTube page. They will be posted here on the portal in the next few days, but I wanted to get these links out to you now while the summit is still reasonably fresh. The same holds for the TMC interviews. They’re posted now on the IoTevolutionworld website, but will also find their way here to the portal shortly as well. 

Founder, Intelligent Communications Partners

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