Smart Grid

November 02, 2012

BPL Global's New Generation Monitor Expands Benefits to Distribution Transformers

To provide a solution for the major reliability issues with single gas monitors causing poor measurement accuracy and high levels of maintenance and replacement, BPL Global, Ltd. (BPLG), a smart grid technology company providing solutions from the substation through the distribution network, has announced Serveron TM1 On-line Transformer Monitor for distribution and other power transformers in the grid. This solution is a breakthrough in transformer monitoring.

Utility customers in the United States and other countries have already deployed the TM1, which delivers a good price to performance benefit to the electric utility industry. With TM1, utility companies can realize the benefits of on-line condition monitoring across the entire power transformer fleet. To provide the best indicator of transformer health, BPLG has successfully delivered DGA-based on-line transformer monitoring, which avoids transformer failure, lowers maintenance costs and defers capital expenditures.

For early detection of the incipient transformer faults, the Serveron TM1 continuously monitors hydrogen (H2) PPM (News - Alert) Levels using DGA and can raise alarm based on PPM Levels and/or Rate of Change (ROC), warning operators of potentially disruptive transformer faults and pending failures. Optional moisture-in-oil measurement is also available.

It’s no membrane design does not require sensor replacement, consumables, or scheduled maintenance. The TM1 significantly reduces the cost of ownership for electric utilities and improves the accuracy of hydrogen gas monitoring.

"The TM1, with its breakthrough price/performance is the latest addition to our industry-leading portfolio of on-line transformer monitors," said Peter Londa, CEO of BPLG, in a statement. "It provides utilities with the information needed to maintain the reliability of distribution transformers and extend the life of these critical assets. Our family of best-in-class transformer monitors protects the largest asset class in the electric grid – Power Transformers."

BPLG's portfolio of Serveron transformer monitors, that includes models TM8, TM3 and TM1, uses a diagnostic tool to provide data of dissolved gas levels in the insulating oil of power transformers, thus delivering analysis and insight into possible failure conditions. BPLG's transformer ability to accurately detect trace levels of targeted gases allows utilities to achieve highest levels of safe power transformer.

Edited by Brooke Neuman