Smart Grid

January 29, 2013

Energate Announces Partnership with Sensus for Smart Grid Interoperability

A major provider of home management and demand response solutions, Energate recently announced its partnership with Sensus for smart grid interoperability.

Energate’s Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) platform for a two-way residential demand response solution has successfully qualified for operating over FlexNet Advanced Metering Infrastructure of Sensus.

In addition to CCDR, other products from Energate qualified for Sensus’ FlexNet include its advanced in-home devices like Home Energy Gateway (News - Alert) and Foundation Smart Thermostat, in addition to In-Home displays and Energate Load Switches.

All these products from Energate have successfully qualified for funding as an integral part of the peaksaver PLUS program of Ontario Power Authority.

It has been scheduled that PowerStream, the second-largest local distribution company in Ontario providing power to above 335,000 customers, would be the first utility company to install Energate’s CCDR over FlexNet platform this year.

The CCDR program of Energate is a comprehensive suite of software and hardware solutions that brilliantly bridges the gap between aggregators, utilities, consumers and local distribution companies. The program does so by providing an advanced load management system to the utilities, providing the ability to minimize the peak demands.

The program also offers consumers load control switches, ZigBee-enabled smart thermostats, and in-home displays, in addition to Web portals and mobile applications. This will enable consumers to make more definitive choices with regard to energy consumption, which will align with smart energy programs offered by utilities.

Leveraging the company’s home energy demand response and management solution, PowerStream will deliver Ontario Power Authority’s PLUS program to residential consumers as an important means of minimizing energy consumption during times of peak demand over existing FlexNet investments.

The two-way demand response solution will enable PowerStream to leverage on the load management system of Energate, providing consumers a convenient control over their energy usage.

PowerStream is further planning to deploy Foundation from Energate, the first extensible Home Energy Gateway in the industry, which supports the residential response programs of numerous utilities. The Foundation blends load control, in-home display, automatic and dynamic price response, load management, and ground-breaking smart thermostat in a single, simple unit that has multi-radio capacities.

The combined capabilities provide insights, information and direct control for managing all energy usage within homes.

Talking about this partnership, Niraj Bhargava, chief executive officer and cofounder of Energate, said they are extremely pleased that PowerStream will be their first customer to install the CCDR platform over the FlexNet AMI of Sensus. It’s being considered yet another validation of Energate’s leadership in the industry in helping aggregators, utilities, local distribution, companies to address the peak energy use today and in the future.

With seamless integration of Energate’s CCDR platform and Sensus AMI, the demand response initiative of PowerStream will serve as a brilliant showcase for other utility companies across North America. 

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Edited by Braden Becker