Smart Grid

March 19, 2013

GE and Energate Partner to Provide Residential Demand-Response Platform

Ottawa, Ontario-based Energate and Fairfield, Connecticut-based General Electric are partnering to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-install solution for home energy management and consumer demand-response.

Under the deal, GE’s PowerOn Precision demand response software and Grid IQ cloud-based grid management system will be used to operate Energate's Consumer Connected Demand Response (CCDR) platform and in-home technologies—including smart thermostats, home energy gateways, in-home displays, load control software, and communicating power switches.

The integrated offering will enable consumers to tell their utilities how they want to have their energy usage information packaged, as well as which smart technologies they prefer to have installed for efficient energy use in their homes.

Once deployed, utility consumers will see energy usage displayed electronically, enabling them to monitor and make better decisions that meet their comfort and budget on the fly.

What Each Platform Provides

The innovative technology that each company is bringing to the table (or in this instance, to the home and the utility) comprises:

  • GE’s PowerOn Precision, a demand response management system that enables utilities to manage peak demand and provide support for grid stability and operations. The new technology uses proven GE software and continuous-learning algorithms to deliver dynamic pricing incentives and direct load control capabilities to consumers.
  • GE’s Grid IQ SaaS (News - Alert) (service as a solution), a cloud-based grid management fee-for-service system aimed at meeting the operational technology needs of smaller and mid-market utilities that want to avoid the overhead expenses involved with developing their own smart grid management networks.
  • Energate's CCDR, a platform that offers empowerment to consumers with a selection of smart thermostats, load control switches, in-home displays and Web portals; and offers “checks and balances” and insights to utilities with a load management system .

Interoperable DR Solutions

"GE is pleased to work with Energate on demand-optimization solutions for our enterprise and SaaS consumers," said Mike Carlson, general manager-Software Solutions for GE's Digital Energy division, adding, "Energate's technology, experience and home energy management product portfolio, coupled with GE's grid management solutions, can help to deliver energy-efficient benefits for utilities and their residential customers."

"Energate is pleased to work with GE and excited that our teams have worked effectively for the seamless integration of our respective platforms - a powerful combination," adds Niraj Bhargava, CEO of Energate. "Further, GE's agreement with Energate continues our momentum for providing leading, interoperable solution sets to the consumer demand response market."

Edited by Brooke Neuman