July 02, 2016

IoT Evolution World Week in Review: State Department, Hitachi, Intel

Hello, friends. This is the IoT Evolution World Week in Review, and we’re feeling better than going all in on nines full of cowboys. We’ll get to the news in just a bit, but first a quick reminder about the IoT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas, July 11 to 14. If you want to get in on it as a sponsor or exhibitor, now’s the time, so hook up with Matt Gleeson, our Biz Dev maestro.

Our lead story this week is about Dell joining the Kepware IoT Alliance. The alliance helps reduce risk and time to market for Industrial IoT hardware and software providers and strives to give customers tools that will execute IoT strategies with proven, interoperable IoT solutions. Dell will use Kepware's KEPServerEX connectivity platform to feed industrial data to its Edge Gateway 5000 Series.

And now, the news:
The initial challenge of any new product experience is understanding the market and translating that knowledge into potential target segments and value propositions. For new product categories, like IoT, design methods, such as need-finding research and low fidelity prototypes, are especially effective in defining personas and unmet needs that lead to compelling value propositions.

The Maker movement is a huge part of the excitement surrounding the IoT, especially in the consumer consciousness. Now, makers of all ages have a new tool for creating IoT-friendly doohickeys and whoosiwhatsits of all types, thanks to SparkFun Electronics, a provider of electronics parts and educational tutorials, and Bocoup, provider of open-source technology consulting and training.

Ayla Networks announced that it has secured $39 million in Series C funding to expand its Asian business initiatives and promote its global IoT platform for manufacturers. The round was lead by Ants Capital, an investment bank and asset management company headquartered in China.

And in a great guest column from Lee Gruenfeld, VP, Strategic Initiatives,, we were treated to 3 new ways to incorporate smart support for Smart Homes, which included support, personalization and proactivity.

This week on the IoT Time Podcast, I sit down with Dave Britton, VP, Industry Solutions, Experian, to talk about data, security, privacy and the IoT. I also got a few minutes with Steve Hanna, Senior Principal at Infineon Technologies and co-chair of the Trusted Computing Group's IoT Security committee. Episodes are sponsored by the IoT Evolution Expo. Tweet me @KenBriodagh.

There’s plenty more to read, listen to and watch, so visit us on IoT Evolution World for all the IoT news, my friends. Keep the IoT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas in your calendar. Also, please get in touch with us when you have stories. As always, if you have questions, comments, input or abuse, please send it to editorial director Ken Briodagh at [email protected] or on Twitter @KenBriodagh.

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