April 20, 2017

What's Happening with Industrial IoT App Development

By Special Guest
Scott Allen, CMO, FreeWave Technologies

In 2016, industrial IoT app development made headlines as the technology landscape continued to evolve. App developers are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunity to create third-party apps for industrial and critical infrastructure operations. While the demand for smart data increases and organizations work to update legacy systems, particularly at edge networks, it makes sense to take a good look at what’s happening with IIoT app development.

IIoT app development programs will begin to outgrow/outpace consumer IoT app development programs within the next three years. Third-party IIoT application development at the edge (i.e., fog computing) specifically will eliminate the need for big data transmission capabilities.

The ability to filter specific data needs directly at the source means less of a need to collect all the data for broad analysis.

There are a number of industry drivers that support the prediction. Here’s our take on the big


Smarter Data, Not Bigger Data
The ability to filter specific data needs directly at the source will reduce the need to collect all the data for analysis as big data transitions toward smart data. Smart data organizations within IIoT will develop applications that enable them to get only the data they need, when they need it. This will drive faster response times, and cloud resources will be able to take on more data-intensive tasks like trends and historical analysis.

The Developer Benefits
The attraction toward the more lucrative business of developing apps for IIoT networks will drive a lot of growth in the area of IIoT app development. Developers will also have the opportunity to help solve major infrastructure issues that accompany big initiatives, such as smart cities and improvements to critical infrastructure projects. These initiatives are likely to drive more investments into IIoT app development, creating new business opportunities for developers.

Cyber Security Initiatives
The demand for cyber security will drive the growth of IIoT app development as organizations work to prevent DDoS and hacking attacks – especially on legacy systems. Leveraging cyber security apps to support those existing systems will help organizations protect their data and improve operations.

Interoperability and Open Standards
Systems today require more interoperability between disparate and oftentimes outdated technologies and systems. And enterprises will require more software solutions for enhanced visibility and control to bring everyone and every system onto a single tool chain. Because there are more open standards and modern technologies being deployed, IT groups will need new business apps to coincide with the apps deployed along the IIoT systems.

Scott Allen is CMO at FreeWave Technologies (www.freewave.com).

Edited by Ken Briodagh

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