IoT Evolution Magazine - 1st Q, 2015

Connected Transportation: Where We Are and Where We're Going

The global transportation market is the largest vertical market within the machine-to-machine and Internet of Things movement...Read More >>>




Making Connections
Smart Technology Blows into Chicago
Until a couple of weeks ago, I was under the impression that the smart city was either a concept for the future or something that was beginning to take root outside North America. That's when I learned that if you set out from the corner of East Wacker Drive and North Michigan Av…
Navigating M2M
BHPH - One of the Best Kept Secrets of the Automotive Industry
If you've ever spent much time at a car dealership, (and I have, as my brother was manager for one of the nation's leading auto groups) you begin to get a sense of how they truly operate. You start to learn their secrets of making money, of their vulnerabilities, and the things t…
Caught in the Crossfire
IoT & How It Applies to You
What's in a name? In case you have not noticed the name change to the Internet of Things is full of concept nuances. As always, the opinions expressed here are my own, and I will warn you full of leaps of logic that to me sound logical and intuitive. To you they may sound like wi…
The Internet of Things
Creating a Well Tempered Network: M2M Security Firm Gets New Funds, Leader, Name
The M2M security provider formerly known as Asguard has changed its name to Tempered Networks, hired on the founder of F5 Networks as its new leader, and is telling the story of how it grew out of Boeing to address the real world needs of the aircraft giant and other companies th…



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