IoT Evolution Magazine - 1st Q, 2017

Securing the Internet of Things: Telit Explains What's Required

Security is an issue of rising prominence in the Internet of Things arena. In fact, it's the biggest barrier to more widespread IoT deployment, according to 451 Research....Read More >>>



Ethical Data Management in the Age of The IoT
Video surveillance, remote health monitoring, consumer behavior tracking - the list is endless of decades-old capabilities for observing and capturing information about people.
Cyber Attack: The Next Frontier is the One You Don't See
in a quiet crisis. It is a crisis of security in which we are not the targets, but the vectors.
Beyond DNS: Why the IoT Industry Should Create Its Own IP Address Registry of Devices
In today's market, segments of the broader IoT ecosystem have been underserved, especially small-to-medium businesses and mid-sized cities. However, this oversight will change over the next several years as these entities seek to embrace the efficiencies and cost reductions that enterprises and government agencies are achieving through IoT implementations.
The Time for IoT Security is Now
Billions of connected devices are already out there in the world. More are coming soon. And - like people and other resources - these entities can be employed for good or evil.


CES Roundup
IoT News Coming Out of Vegas
The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is always a big producer of Internet of Things news. Here's a quick look at some of the things that came out of the CES event in January.
The Hot List
IoT Batteries
Battery issues are the Achilles' heel of the IoT. Whether you are trying to manage remote sensors with a small battery, or you want to harness the power of the sun and store the energy in the smart grid, battery solutions represent the driver for your network architecture and you…
5G: Another Chance for Intel
Intel has announced plans to come out with a 5G Modem.
IoT Evolution Names Connected Home & Building, Connect Transport Award Winners
Happy New Year! We wanted to start this year off right, so here's to the winners of IoT Evolution's Connected Transport, and Connected Home & Building, contests.
Developers Corner
Knee Assessment and THINKMD Bangladesh
Wearables typically dominate the IoT media spotlight in health care, sharing it occasionally with remote patient monitoring or telemedicine.
Boardroom Report
How You Should Be Thinking about Digital Transformation
Call it whatever you want - digital transformation, the fourth Industrial Revolution, or the service economy - IoT is driving the enterprise into new services.
Making Connections
Connected Devices and the U.S. Job Picture
This column is about jobs, U.S. jobs to be specific.
IoT Time
Universal SIMs: The IoT is a Global Evolution, and Requires Global Solutions
I have made no secret of my belief in the transformative potential of the IoT, nor of those factors that I believe will hold it back from reaching that potential and the markets through which it is most likely to achieve that IoT evolution.
Caught in the Crossfire
Integration Remains an IoT Challenge
I seem to be having the same dialogue everywhere I turn. IoT is still a complex integration, and the ecosystems are not fully formed.
The Internet of Things
See You at IoT Evolution Expo!
IoT Evolution Expo is just around the corner, and Carl Ford, Ken Briodagh, and I all hope to see you there.


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