IoT Evolution Magazine - 2nd Q, 2015

Empowering the Customer: How Sprint Helps Businesses Command Control of IoT

Connected devices continue to multiply, and some of these things are in the most difficult to access places...Read More >>>




Navigating IoT
Bubble Bath: (Or, Five Things That Bother Me About IoT)
Are we building a bubble in IoT? Of course we are. And here are five things that really bother me about IoT and that are contributing to over-inflated hopes for this concept.
Making Connections
App Is Good, But Has a Waze to Go
Let me start by saying that there are exceptions to what I am about to discuss below but generally speaking, inter-app connectivity is lacking. The real power of technology is harnessing big data from multiple sources - the so-called mashup.
Internet of Things
IoT, Analytics, Campers & Wearable Bananas
Interest in the Internet of Things has reached fever pitch. At the same time, however, the business cases around IoT are still being formulated. The good news is that there seems to be a realization as to the importance of analytics to IoT. In fact, some argue that IoT and analyt
Caught in the Crossfire
Know Pain, Know Gain
How often in the last decade have we heard the expression no pain, no gain? It has been a popular but horrible expression that probably has lead to several sports injuries. However, the expression has been used for all sorts of situations. Perhaps the most insidious are the ones
Developers Corner
Developers Need to Pay Attention to Compliance and Security
This year the big news is in the increasing HIPPA compliance, with more than 90 percent having policies in place. This confirms much of what was being said to me by the execs at Aria Systems regarding HIPPA billing compliance.



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