IoT Evolution Magazine - 2nd Q, 2016

The Internet of Systems: Getting Smart About Cities

It's about creating the systems of things that are going to generate the mass of interconnected data sets that will lead to statistical determinations of efficiencies and make possible the predictive analysis and controls. And that's the ball game...Read More >>>



The Hot List: Home Gateways Hot List: The Hype is Deserved
Everyone in the industry has been hearing about intelligent buildings, smart homes, and operator-based gateway services for decades.
Want to Build Smart IoT Infrastructure? Focus on Smart Partnerships First
As the market retunes this year from a hype factor towards value identification, implementing Industrial IoT solutions is starting to appear a bit easier said than done.


IoT Evolution World Week in Review: State Department, Hitachi, Intel
Hello, friends. This is the IoT Evolution World Week in Review, and we're feeling better than going all in on nines full of cowboys. We'll get to the news in just a bit, but first a quick reminder about the IoT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas, July 11 to 14. If you want to get in on ...
Open Source Enables Operational and Information Technology
The growth of the Internet of Things is blurring the line between traditional operational technology such as remote sensors, mobile devices and smart machines, and the ability to intelligently monitor and control these devices using traditional information technology domains.
Boardroom Report
Examining the Abry/Kore Strategy
The problem with hype is that it spreads panic in the early players, irrational enthusiasm in the startups, and chaos with customers. Keeping a rationale calm approach in the midst of all news and newcomers is hard to accomplish.
Lessons from the Front Lines of B2B
While the IoT is undeniably a hot story, much of what is getting the attention isn't what will be important. Let's first consider what is really going on.
Why the Time is Now for IoT Security
When it comes to security problems, the hits just keep coming. The vulnerabilities will only multiply as the Internet of Things expands. That's why Erik Knight of SimpleWAN is sounding the alarm.
IoT Platform Player Consolidation Continues
The roll up of IoT connectivity providers continues, as Cisco in February moved to snap up Jasper Wireless, and KORE a month later announced its acquisition of Wyless Group Holdings.
Newsflash 2030: Billions of Connected Devices Thwart World Destruction
When solicited on IoT, most conjure up thoughts of how in today's world, the increasing number of devices that can connect to the internet and to each other can make life easier.
Making Connections
AT&T Drives IoT Growth via Channel Partners
With predictions about IoT devices numbering in the billions and revolutionizing every market from medical to industrial, a simple question remains: How will all these devices and solutions get sold?
IoT Time
It's Time to Get Serious about Health Care
Consumers have a problem with the IoT. They don't trust us. Healthcare might be the solution.
Caught in the Crossfire
Words of Inspiration
Next month I am speaking at a carrier's customer meeting. Speaking to existing customers who know legacy products about the new opportunities with IoT requires a persuasive speech.
The Internet of Things
Survey Reveals New Data about IoT Thinking & Implementations
James Brehm & Associates has come out with its "Redefining the Connected Conversation: IoT Trends, Challenges & Experiences Survey." Here's what they discovered.



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