IoT Evolution Magazine - 3nd Q, 2015

Pipe Dream: AT&T, Partners Help Conserve Water Via Leak Prevention Solution

The country's infrastructure is aging, and our water distribution infrastructure is no exception to that trend.Read More >>>




The Internet of Things
Listen and Learn; Consumer & Enterprise
This issue's cover story is about AT&T and how it's working with IBM and Mueller Water Products to help organizations reduce water waste.
Another Five Things I Hate About IoT…and Five Things We Need for IoT to be Successful
Last quarter, I did a rant about the growing bubble in IoT. And since then, we've seen hardware vendors acquiring their service provider customers, acquisitions of non-revenue generating companies, and venture capital seemingly being dumped into overhyped concepts with business m…
Making Connections
Discover the Next Frontier in Communications
The uninitiated may wonder what the Internet of Things is all about and just what kinds of areas, products, and use cases it will impact. But perhaps a better question would be what areas it won't touch.
Executing on the IoT
Inside the Shake up: The Internet of Things' Impact on the CXO
Inside the Shake up: The Internet of Things' Impact on the CXO
Developers Corner
When it Comes to Brillo, Stay in the Nest or Take a Wait and C Attitude
It was a simple request after Sundar Pinchai's announcement of Brillo. Carl, can you research it and write about it?
Caught in the Crossfire
My View on Public Relations & The Press
This article has to be handled with a delicate balance. As a writer and producer, my successful acquisition of news and content is often based on my relationship with a public relations company.
Breaking IoT News
Breaking IoT News
It's an exciting time, and it's easy to miss the biggest news. To help, we thought we'd bring you a sampling of the news items we covered this quarter at Make sure you visit us every day to keep up with the fire hose. In the meantime, watch this space.



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