IoT Evolution Magazine - 3rd Q, 2016

Where the Investment & Expected Growth is in the IoT

Agriculture, building automation, health care, and (especially) transportation are the hottest areas of investment related to the Internet of Things, says Homaira Akbari, who presented a talk about IoT investment....Read More >>>



IoT In the Enterprise Supplement - Sponsored by Telit
IoT In the Enterprise
Many companies claim to offer an IoT platform, but the majority of those solutions represent only a small subset of the required functions or only address limited segments of the market. However, Jack Indekeu, Telit's chief marketing officer, says a platform should enable enterprises to put together a robust end-to-end IoT solution that can scale from simple proof of concept to full commercial deployment across different markets and industries.
TMC, IoT Evolution Name Smart Grid Product of the Year Award Winners
IoT Evolution magazine and our parent company, TMC, are pleased to announce the winners of the Smart Grid Product of the Year Awards.


The Hot List
The IoT Analytics Hot List: Integration, Implementation, and IoT
Vint Cerf made a point a number of years ago that the term internet telephony was doomed to die like the phrase horseless carriage.
Why We Need to Improve the IoT App User Experience
If IoT is so great, why isn't my life perfect already? The last time I checked, my toaster was burning my bread the same as it was 25 years ago. While I drive a Tesla, I don't have in-depth analytics about my electricity consumption. And despite a Nest, my house is still too hot at night.
Mirror Mirror on the Wall How the IoT Could Transform Fashion
For the longest time now, fashion consulting has been specific to the wealthy and celebrities.
Developers Corner
Smoothing the Development Path for IoT Applications
The Internet of Things has arrived, and developers are tasked with building working applications and connecting them to the cloud to deliver valuable business data.
Always the Perfect Price
How innovative value-based pricing can accelerate the Internet of Things
Boardroom Report
PTC: The Sum of the Parts Creates A Whole New Paradigm
I have a distrust of mergers and acquisitions. It comes from my years buying communications equipment, where companies were bought and the products I understood became discontinued or "upgraded" into something that lost the feature set I needed.
The Importance of Patents in the Internet of Things
Most people do not realize that there is an extensive, highly developed secondary market for patents.
Making Connections
Will Amazon, Google, and Apple Beat You to the Smart Machine Future?
Look no further than the latest news to see how cognitive computing is the future of computing. Chatbots and smart machines will increasingly help us search for things we want, communicate with others, and generally make our lives easier.
Analyzing IoT
Leading Indicators for Enterprise IoT
As we continue at this juncture with the so-called second wave of IoT, the focus appears to have passed the early idea testing stages, and is now engaged on development of real-world business cases.
IoT Time
Put On Your Cape and Get to Work
Heroes aren't always selfless, and they aren't always right, but they are always trying to do the right thing. The IoT industry needs to start doing things right, and that means it's high time to get secure.
Caught in the Crossfire
Capital, Disruption, and Sudha Jamthe
"May you live in interesting times", was a phrase Joseph Chamberlain said as attributed erroneously to a Chinese curse.
The Internet of Things
More with Homaira Akbari
In this issue's cover story, Homaira Akbari talks about how health care will be the next big vertical for the Internet of Things.



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