IoT Evolution Magazine - 3Q, 2017

How to Avoid Data Mining Disasters And Capture the Value You Want to Unearth

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TMC, IoT Evolution Announce Product of the Year Award Winners
So many IoT devices, so little time.
The Industrial IoT Hot List
When the Industrial Internet Consortium was formed by AT&T, Cisco, General Electric, IBM and Intel, IoT was not void of enterprises using machine to machine communication.
How Smart Businesses Can Help Make Smart Cities
Smart cities are good for business, but finding the right funding model can be difficult.
Using Kura Wires to Easily Program Edge Devices with Open Source Technology
IoT edge computing pushes data management and analysis from the cloud to IoT gateways for a more efficient solution.
Thanks for the Hospitality
IoT Makes Short-Term Rental Market, Hotels More Manageable
Smart Home: Bringing It Together with Bots
Even with 80 million smart home devices delivered worldwide in 2016, according to IHSMarkit, consumers have not made the transition fromturning their regular homes into smart homes with Internet of Things solutions like intelligent thermostats, security systems, and home care offerings.
Why the Used Car Could Decide the Future of the Mobile SIM
When the first mobile SIM was revealed 1991, it was the size of a credit card.
A Sign of Things to Come: Telecom of Things
While the merger of Nokia with Alcatel was probably more interesting to Wall Street, the merger of SONUS with GENBAND is an indication about what we should expect to happen at the network layer for carriers working with the Internet of Things.
How Technology Is Improving Sports
Athletes of the future will be tracked at every moment to know how fast, how focused, and when they are "in the zone". The modern sports experience has become a medley of sights, smells, and experiences being stirred up by technology.
Connected Transportation: How to Get the Most Out of Your Telematics Solution
In the world of transportation, the Internet of Things has been synonymous with telematics - connected technologies that allow managers to monitor the location and status of their vehicles.
Smart Cities: The Challenges, The Fragmentation, The Lessons Learned
The movement of the world's population to urban centers, the competition of those cities with one another to attract business and investment, and the fact that devices and networks now make exciting new applications possible have all contributed to growing interest in so-called smart city efforts.


Making Connections
Logic Prevails in EU as Bill Gates Robot Tax Dies
As we wrote in February while eating sushi and reading about Bill Gates trying to set global tax policy, taxing robots is a terrible idea.
IoT Time
How Municipalities are Making IoT Work for Them
Smaller municipalities have pressing needs that might be addressed with IoT and Smart City technologies, but far less budget with which to implement them than large cities.
Caught in the Crossfire
Mind the Gap
Representatives of companies involved in mergers and acquisitions always talk as if there are immediate synergies.
The Internet of Things
What Does Immelt's Departure Mean for GE, the IIoT?
Attend any Internet of Things event, report on any Industrial IoT story, or converse about the potential for connected things to improve business, and General Electric is eventually going to come up.


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