IoT Evolution Magazine - 4th Q, 2016

Cover Story: Verizon Invests Big in Telematics

Verizon shocked the world when it announced it was acquiring Hughes telematics for $612 million. Many speculated it was to bolster its OEM telematics practice....Read More >>>



Interconnecting the Internet of Things: The Key to Fulfilling the Promise of the IoT Age
The over-riding question facing the array of companies and government entities today seeking the benefits of the Internet of Things for their own organizations and their stakeholders is: If you build it, will everything connect?
The Only Certainties in Life: Death, Taxes, and ...Network Outages?
Ben Franklin certainly didn't have a crystal ball when he wrote "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." But if he were around in today's modern age of connectivity, it's almost certain he would have added network outages to that list.
Mesh Networks & The Rise of the Robots
It's the stuff of science fiction - robots that can build things, drive our cars for us, talk to us, and work longer, harder and smarter than humans.
Windows 10 IoT Gets You to Market Faster
The promise of the Internet of Things is substantial. Each week it seems that the various industry pundits are providing increased forecasts on the number of connected, intelligent devices that will be deployed in the not too distant future.
Compliance: How the IoT Can Assist in Meeting Requirements
As security threats proliferate and safety concerns become paramount, businesses across the globe face an increasing volume of regulation and legislation with which they have to comply.
Telit EVP Dishes on the Company's New Modules
Telit offers a broad portfolio of modules to enable companies with Internet of Things products and deployments to get the most of out of their solutions.
Talking Transportation: How Your Business Can Get the Best Return from the IoT
The nature of the transport and logistics sector - and the fact that it integrates across so many other verticals to enable operations in retail, manufacturing, local government, oil & gas, and many other arenas - has seen it take an early lead in IoT investment and adoption.
On the Move: How the IoT is Helping Drive Logistics, Transportation Forward
The Internet of Things has already reached the business mainstream, and providers are serving organizations across the global economy with services, applications, connections, and technology that are available with minimal initial investment, are mature, secure, and scale up rapidly as each service proposition takes off and gains users.
The World is His Oyster: Connected Solutions Enable Daniel Ward to See Food
Ward set out to find a solution that would enable him to track the location and condition of his company's products throughout the value chain - all the way to the point at which it reaches the consumer.


Strategic Solutions Series
The State of IoT Connectivity And Where Things Are Going
In this piece, based on an interview with Eran Eshed, co-founder and vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Altair Semiconductor, we will assess the level of interest in Cat-1; consider the market size expectations and predictions related to different IoT LTE catego…
Enabling Experimentation: Makes IoT Integration, Innovation Easier
The Internet of Things is steadily building, but it's clearly in the construction phase.
Internet of Things
Award for FirstNet Build Could Be As Early as November, Rivada Tells Its Bandwidth Commoditization Story
Mobile bandwidth is too important to leave in the hands of a powerful few when it could be used far more efficiently via an electronic trading marketplace. At least that's how Rivada Networks sees it.
Caught in the Crossfire
Guess What: We are Evolving!
IoT Evolution is refining its focus on the enterprise and the impact of IoT in business. Now, to be clear, we have a lot of education to do in the enterprise.
IoT Time
IoT Time: Don't Feed the Trolls
I'm here to talk to you about patents - your pet technology.
Analyzing IoT
Connected Shipping at Sea: An IoT Value Path to Global Supply Chain Integration
What new opportunities for value creation may exist in the maritime transport and logistics industry? What might such value look like? And what path could related use cases take over time across the global supply chain?
Developer's Corner
The Benefits of a Java-Based Application Framework for IoT Projects
The right technical building blocks, including multi-service gateway hardware combined with a Java-based application framework, can lead to a rugged and reliable IoT system.
Net Neutrality, IoT, and IPX
The broadband industry recently lost a 2-1 decision, which rejected challenges to the imposition of net neutrality rules and its listing as a protected public utility under Title II.
How Value-Based Pricing Can Accelerate the Internet of Things
Networked manufacturing has grown more popular as solutions have become more standardized.
Boardroom Report
Helping Cities Take a Holistic Approach
By 2025, the global smart city marketplace is expected to approach $3.5 trillion, with whole cities realizing an estimated $800 billion in energy savings and revenue-generating opportunities.


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