IoT Evolution Magazine - 4Q, 2017

New IoT Champion: Dell Commits to the Internet of Things

At the same time that IoT poster child GE is distancing itself from the Internet of Things, Dell is working to make its imprint on the IoT space...Read More >>>



Why the IoT Requires Secure Updates & Data Erasing
If the tech enthusiasts are right, everyone we know will have toasters and light bulbs with internet functionalities soon.
How to Lead Manufacturers Through the Digital Transition
Many manufacturers are struggling to transition their companies to Industry 4.0.
Overcoming Industrial IoT Challenges to Better Use Data from the Edge
As the Internet of Things has come of age over the past few years, consumer applications have often taken center stage.
Africa's Dangote Taps Schneider
Schneider Electric has made public its new contract to provide comprehensive process automation systems, solutions, and services to Dangote Oil Refinery.
The True ROI on IoT Investments
With billions of dollars' worth of investments at stake, it's critical that enterprise leaders pause and consider how to measure the full impact and ROI of their IoT investments.
The IoT Will Create Communities - Not Kings
The Internet of Things is finally here, permeating the consumer device market with gadgets like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
User Experience Needs to Be a Bigger Part of the IoT
In designing IoT products and apps, be humble and consumer-centric.
Overcoming the Challenges of Designing Connected Health Care Devices
With a new breed of Internet of Things medical devices that make personal health care easy and reliable, the potential in this space is tremendous.
How the IoT is Making Farming in India More Efficient
While farming is a high-tech industry in other parts of the world such as the U.S., farming in India is still typically a very localized and low-tech endeavor.
What You Need to Know - and Do - About GDPR
The E.U.'s General Data Protection Regulation won't take full effect until May 25, 2018. But multi-national companies need to take thoughtful action now to be certain their E.U.-based operations will be fully compliant when the time comes.


IoT Time
IoTeamups: IoT Industry Deals Drive Innovation
Over the last several months we've seen billions of dollars and stock options change hands as players join forces and absorb other players in strategically chosen verticals.
Caught in the Crossfire
Security and the Internet of Things - Take Two
I have been looking at the obstacles for adoption of IoT, and one of them has been security.
Making Connections
The FBI Warns Companies Not to Use Kaspersky Software
An August report by Endgadget claims the FBI has been meeting with companies to warn them of the threat posed by the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab.
The Internet of Things
How 5G Could Help Transform Health Care
Once cellular network operators get 5G up and running, this technology will provide a great platform for medical applications.


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