Asia-Pacific is Ready for Smart Buildings, Report Says

By: Ken Briodagh    7/10/2015

Smart Buildings are the circulatory system of the Smart City, and for highly congested urban areas like the ones found in many parts of Asia, the tech…

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Cloud Analytics Initiative to Bring Automation to Smart Home

By: Ken Briodagh    6/30/2015

A key issue in smart home adoption, as with any consumer-facing technology, is user friendliness. If a tech is easy, and helpful, it is much more like…

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Sears Puts Focus on the Home with Connected Solutions Flagship Store

By: Ken Briodagh    6/29/2015

Sears is going to launch a Connected Solutions flagship store at The Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno, California, according to an announcement June 19.…

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Opening the Door to the Connected Home

By: Dominick Sorrentino    6/25/2015

As companies scramble to blaze trails in the IoT space, consumers have a lot to look forward to, especially in the area of the connected home: smart t…

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Novatel and AT&T Partner Up to Make Connected Homes More Secure

By: Ken Briodagh    6/24/2015

Novatel Wireless recently announced that AT&T has issued network approval of Novatel's MiFi Secure SA 1100, which will be the first offering in a comi…

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Why Aren't People Getting Excited About the Connected Home?

By: Stefania Viscusi    6/17/2015

Imaging a future where people and machines communicate with each other to make life easier isn't so far-fetched today. Thanks to constant technologica…

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Connected Homes Need Better Security, Says Study

By: Ken Briodagh    6/16/2015

Over the last decade, home environments have gotten more digitally advanced and now, many are progressing into communication-rich living spaces. As a …

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Consumers Expect Fully Connected Homes This Year, Report Says

By: Ken Briodagh    6/12/2015

Homes are getting more and more hooked up, with lights, thermostats and security systems leading the way, but developers aren't predicting "fully conn…

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Speak Up: How Voice Will Control Connected Homes

By: Ken Briodagh    6/12/2015

Voice commands are becoming a real factor in consumers' lives. Siri for Apple, Google Now and Microsoft's Cortana keep getting more and more sophistic…

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Pump the Breaks on IoT Devices: Why Security Needs to be Priority

By: Special Guest    6/4/2015

The conveniences of a smart home are undeniable. But each amenity we add to our home comes at a cost - and too often that cost is paid in terms of sec…

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How To Protect and Serve the Smart Home

By: Special Guest    6/3/2015

It's no secret that security is one of the most talked about issues surrounding the viability of the Internet of Things to actually impact daily life.

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Smart Meters to Reach 780 Million in 2020 Thanks to China

By: Ken Briodagh    6/2/2015

Homeowners care about how much electricity they're using, not just because of the expense, but also thanks to climate change concerns, which accounts …

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Report Says Lighting is Smarter than Ever

By: Ken Briodagh    6/1/2015

A recently released report that surveyed the Smart Lighting industry indicates that the last 18 months has been huge for the space, and opened opportu…

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Neposmart Review: Connected Video for Today's Smart Home

By: Stefania Viscusi    5/29/2015

Neposmart offers a next gen IoT security camera and IoT Evolution World tested it out.

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Take a Closer Look at the IoT with Vision-as-a-Service

By: Ken Briodagh    5/27/2015

Most of the output of M2M devices and sensors comes in the form of raw data meant to be compiled and analyzed for trend identification and actionable …

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New Research Outlines Coming Battles in Connected Home

By: Ken Briodagh    5/21/2015

Because of its consumer-facing prominence, the connected home market is arguably the most important sector of the IoT industry, at least for the prese…

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Norwegian Energy Consortium to Roll Out Smart Meter Network

By: Ken Briodagh    5/19/2015

The first step in any smart grid building enterprise has to be in the smart home, with a smart meter. Smart Strøm Nordvest, a consortium of 10 power u…

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New Fitness App Will Understand You, Even When You Eat That Ice Cream

By: Ken Briodagh    5/18/2015

Samsung and Cigna, announced on May 18 that they have collaborated on a new version of Cigna's Coach mobile application that incorporates the psycholo…

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New Research Forecasts Growth of Connected Home Market

By: Ken Briodagh    5/7/2015

In a recent report about the connected home marketplace, BI Intelligence illustrated that the next five years are going be a period of important growt…

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10 Automation Companies Revolutionizing the Home

By: Drew Hendricks    5/6/2015

Home automation allows for the control of various components of one's home - security, climate, lighting, electronics, and audio/video, all through th…

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