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PNMsoft Named a Digital Business Platform Leader

By Chrissie Cluney April 04, 2017

PNMsoft, a Genpact company, and global provider of BPM, case management and work optimization software, was named a Digital Business Platform Leader in the “Aragon Research Tech Spectrum for Digital Business Platforms, 2017: Accelerating Digital Benefits.”

Aragon Research, a technology-focused research and advisory firm committed to providing thought leading strategic research and trusted advisory services, published the research paper that recognized PNMsoft for its proven track record of success. The company delivers rapid results to clients, which can be leveraged for larger digital transformation efforts.

“It is an honor to be recognized as a Leader by Aragon Research. We share a common vision in the direction where businesses are heading; and that is Digital. More companies are recognizing the need to digitalize their traditional business processes in order to meet today’s rapid pace of change and increasing demand for customer-driven approaches. As enterprises progress with their digital journey, they can be more agile in their processes, customer service and decision- making. Hence, they can innovate, achieve faster time to revenue and overall cost reduction to generate a significant impact on their bottom line,” said Gal Horvitz, senior vice president, Genpact Digital and PNMsoft leader.

One of PNMsoft’s featured products is its Sequence. It is a digital business platform, which evolved from its roots as an intelligent business process management suite (iBPMS), low-code, and dynamic workflow provider. Sequence allows users to optimize business processes in response to dynamic market conditions. It provides users superior control over changes using PNMsoft’s patented HotChange architecture, which allows real-time changes to be made to critical business processes.

According to the Aragon research paper, companies have traditionally managed business processes without the benefit of digital technologies. Enterprises are now able to leverage Digital Business Platforms (DBPs) to manage business processes, applications, and transactions to achieve differentiation, revenue growth, efficient operations and business model agility. 

The companies that were named in the paper are providers who have comprehensive strategies and products/services that align with industry direction and market demand and who effectively perform against that strategic backdrop. These leaders help to drive a market and in a majority of cases, have a vision for the future.

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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