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Aeva, Nikon Announce Partnership to Propel 4D LiDAR Adoption

By Maurice Nagle August 13, 2021

LiDAR is a liaison to a new dimension. In addition to autonomous vehicles, traffic analysis and security, LiDAR is now delivering a fourth dimension, empowering automation, efficiency and precision in operations.

Aeva and Nikon announced a strategic partnership to offer Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) 4D LiDAR equipped with micron-level measurement capability to support metrology and industrial automation applications.

“We’re excited to work closely with a leader like Nikon in an established market with massive growth potential as we accelerate our expansion into industrial applications, targeting product release in 2025," explained Soroush Salehian, Co-Founder and CEO at Aeva. 

Founded by former Apple engineers, Soroush Salehian and Mina Rezk, Aeva is in prime position to leverage its expertise in perception technology with a proven provider of metrology and industrial automation solutions. The duo will seek to drive 4D LiDAR adoption and take a bite out of $10 billion in market opportunity.

"Our 4D LiDAR on chip technology has the capability to provide unparalleled performance through proprietary software on existing hardware," said Mina Rezk, Co-Founder and CTO at Aeva.

Innovation is illustrating opportunity in Aeva, as achieving highly precise measurement is critical in empowering automation beyond the car and across verticals. Nikon is already a leading supplier in two key markets and in this partnership is looking toward the next generation of possibility and propelling the IoT at large.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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