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Cut the Complexity of IIoT Connectivity with Sensata

By Maurice Nagle October 07, 2021

Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson may have introduced the debate between hearing and listening; in business, it’s important to take customer feedback to construct the type of solutions and services capable of plugging gaps and alleviating pain points. As we matriculate into the age of industry 4.0, it’s even more critical to hear industry needs.

Sensata Technologies announced the general availability of Industrial Wireless Systems, promising digital transformation ease via scalable, pocket-friendly connectivity.

“We’ve designed these systems to meet our customers’ changing needs and to simplify the process of connecting machines to smart factory solutions, helping them increase the productivity, reliability and performance of their assets,” explained Paul Heine, Product Manager, Industrial Sensing & IIoT at Sensata Technologies

The release offers out-of-the-box configurations with the flexibility to meet specific requirements. The ability to configure system devices – from gateways and sensors, to receivers and transmitters – empowers the adaptability and scalability to function in a broad range of industrial applications.

Industrial Wireless Systems promises reliable sensor data delivery up to 500m, even with obstruction and offers a multitude of connectivity options.

The Industrial IoT is just getting started, and Sensata is paving the way for further adoption, with results telling the story.

Do you listen to your customers? Or, do you hear them?

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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