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Quanergy 3D LiDAR Protects Critical Infrastructure Globally

By Alex Passett December 28, 2022

Though the term itself was coined in the 1960s and made more well-known by NASA in the 1970s and 1980s, fresh applications and full-on breakthroughs in LiDAR technology have been cropping up more and more in recent years, it seems. Just a few days ago, I detailed in another IoT piece how the utilization of LiDAR will contribute to the optimization of safety and productivity in manufacturing facilities.

Today, we have a LiDAR-centric statement from Quanergy Systems, a LiDAR sensor and smart-solutions provider. Quanergy has announced that more than 30 companies worldwide have embraced their LiDAR technologies to protect a whopping 100 critical infrastructure sites.

Some history: Quanergy has helped companies trigger various IoT sensors to provide safe, informed outcomes. Their product portfolio is supported by a LiDAR platform that offers accelerated automation and high-performance results. This has ranged from 3D-powered physical security solutions with precise VMS and PTZ camera systems for exact threat-pinpointing, to the enablement of smart spaces in retail stores, public transportation centers and myriad venues, to safe industrial automation and fast geometric mapping readouts. These are attainable solutions for real-world challenges.

One challenge Quanergy has helped highlight and solve, in particular, has been reducing alarm fatigue and the nuisance of costly false alarms by providing a breadth of hyper-accurate LiDAR systems to businesses. These deployments have, to name a handful of stats, increased 95% object detection (i.e., persons or vehicles), decreased false alarms by 95%, provided up to 15,000 square meters of coverage per single LiDAR sensor, and have helped save millions of dollars via other valuable integrations.

Overall, Quanergy has a track record of harnessing LiDAR technologies well, and the industry’s continued utilization of LiDAR sensors to reinforce securities are sure to continue peaking businesses’ long-term interests.

Edited by Erik Linask
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