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New IIoT Metaverse Experiences, Courtesy of Worlds Enterprises

By Alex Passett February 03, 2023

When you take a scroll-stroll down the corridors of today’s all-present Internet, you’re sure to wind up in the midst of the hottest, up-to-the-microsecond buzzwords and buzz phrases: AR/VR, NFTs (R.I.P. to its market’s 97% decrease), IoT/IIoT/IoB, big data, generative AI/ChatGPT, cryptocurrency, 5G connectivity, Smart Industry 4.0, XaaS and many, many more.

Another now-mainstream buzzword, one that anchors the latest news from creators of 4D infrastructure Worlds Enterprises, Inc. (Worlds), is a simple one:


Here’s how this all comes together. Back in January, Worlds announced the successful completion of its $21.2 million Series A1 funding round to build and big-time scale its Industrial Metaverse platform.

This latest round of funding was led by Moneta Ventures (with key participation from existing investors like Align Capital, Chevron Technology Ventures, Capital Factory, and more). With this funding, Worlds is set to invest deeper in the power of its Industrial Metaverse platform, on top of expanding Worlds’ go-to-market partnerships and adoption of its other technologies.

The Worlds Industrial Metaverse platform integrates AI-based automation directly into the ground floor operations of big industrial organizations in order to automate at scale and unlock massive unrealized value. This sophisticated combo of metaverse and real-world operations will allow these organizations to stomp out inefficiencies and factors that lead to unsafe conditions, and to re-imagine industrial processes.

Dave Copps, CEO of Worlds, is thrilled that Worlds’ investors, Moneta included, share the same vision of metaverse-driven successes.

“Businesses today are racing toward a future where the digital and physical worlds fully converge and radically change how they measure, analyze, and re-imagine their businesses,” Copps said. “That is precisely the work of Worlds, and we are the only company on the planet that can do what we do.”

Aasim Hasan, Partner and Texas Leader at Moneta Ventures, is just as thrilled.

“Worlds has created a new 4D infrastructure for building the Industrial Metaverse – one unlike anything else we have seen in the market – and is reinventing how some of the largest industrial companies are doing business,” Hasan said. “Working with Worlds is also easy, fast, and cost-effective for clients. And we see massive potential for growth. We are excited to be part of the journey with the Worlds team.”

In 2022, Worlds experienced huge year-over-year growth (400% over 2021) while still initiating significant projects and expansions. And with its Worlds Industrial Metaverse platform, it shows that (given that, 20 years ago, such an idea was far-fetched) the company recognizes how futuristic the present can truly be.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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