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To Unlock Value from Industrial Data, AspenTech Acquires Inmation Software for AspenTech DataWorks

By Alex Passett February 09, 2023

United for one purpose: We meet today’s demands to ensure a more sustainable tomorrow.”

This is the mission of industrial software company AspenTech. With more than 60 total locations worldwide, AspenTech solutions has addressed complex environments since the 1980s. Branded AspenTech (Advanced System for Process Engineering, i.e. ASPEN), the company is now 3,700 team members strong and is well-equipped to accelerate transformative solutions by optimizing assets to run safer, greener, faster and for longer. Its customers, many in capital-intensive industries, have refined their standards of operational excellence via AspenTech’s combination of deep domain expertise and sustainable innovation.

Now, with the scene set, we fast-forward to this week. On Monday, AspenTech officially announced that it merged its AIoT Hub with inmation Software, a company it acquired back in October of 2022.

The objective? To create a newly expanded business unit:

AspenTech DataWorks.

This now-rebranded business unit’s target is to fast-track data-driven value creation in asset-intensive industries through robust software offerings. With a singular solution for accessing and managing industrial data (from the shopfloor to boardrooms, and at the plant level or enterprise-wide), AspenTech DataWorks fuels digital transformation strategies, in addition to improved profitability and sustainability.

Nicole Rennalls, Vice President and General Manager of AspenTech DataWorks, is well aware of the scope of this undertaking.

“A holistic data management strategy is the foundation of a successful transformation journey,” Rennalls said. “Our customers need a flexible, scalable solution to harness the huge amounts of data being generated across the enterprise. AspenTech DataWorks provides this and uniquely meets the needs of the executive suite and plant floor, all at once.”

To best approach industries looking to maximize value from industrial data (while, in the same breath, clearing security-related and economic challenges), AspenTech DataWorks aggregates and contextualizes transactional and real-time data by using powerful integration technology, connectivity, and governance.

Peter Reynolds, Principal Analyst for ARC Advisory Group, sees this news a big net win.

“The addition of inmation Software GmbH to the AspenTech portfolio is a huge step forward to help companies unlock more value from an industrial data strategy,” Reynolds said. “The cornerstone of AspenTech DataWorks’ platform is the connection of real-time data with diverse systems to face many problems with data cleansing, contextualization and scalability.”

With this unique offering and a grounded, customer-first mindset, AspenTech and inmation Software are primed to meet the high expectations of both OT and IT teams around the globe.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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