IoT Evolution Releases New Book of 150+ Internet of Things Trends; Explores Themes and Case Studies to Illustrate Industry Patterns

TMC and Crossfire Media, advancing the editorial mission of IoT Evolution, the leading media brand for the Internet of Things (IoT), have published a book outlining more than 150 of the leading trends in the IoT industry, entitled "IoT Time: Evolving Trends in the Internet of Things." The book, written by IoT Evolution Editorial Director, Ken Briodagh, seeks to explore the factors that have shaped the recent past of the developing industry and use those to predict the trends that will drive the next period of growth. Each of the trends is explicated and illustrated with a case study or product review that supports each position.

"I wrote this book to help illustrate the position of the IoT industry as it stands today so that we can better understand where the industry is going in the next months or years,” said Ken Briodagh, author of IoT Time, and Editorial Director, IoT Evolution. “Hopefully, folks working in the IoT will find the book helpful in formulating new strategy and everyone with an interest in the industry will find it interesting and entertaining."

A few of the trends highlighted:

  • DIY is Giving Way to DIFM
  • Make it interoperable
  • Insurance as IoT industry
  • Diagnostic IoT for healthcare
  • Fleet connectivity via aftermarket mods
  • AI for IoT
  • Connected Cops
  • International cooperative efforts
  • Good cryptography
  • Smarter hotels

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