Mosaik Solutions out to Put New Life in Networks

By Steve Anderson July 15, 2013

Getting a signal for a mobile device isn't always easy. In fact, sometimes, the times when a signal is needed the most is the same time when that signal is hardest to come by. But Mosaik Solutions is eager to change that, and the company's vice president of sales and corporate development, Greg Hull, recently took a moment with our own Rich Tehrani to run down some of the big plans Mosaik Solutions has to help improve coverage by better showing where it's available.

Formerly American Roamer, Mosaik Solutions offers up a lot of help in terms of roaming. Mosaik Solutions' global coverage catalog, its selection of intelligence solutions, and a depth of expertise in both the CDMA and the GSM communities gives it a lot of knowledge on which to draw in terms of helping companies keep track of network coverage. Mosaik's CellMaps Mobile Coverage allows for easy access to the total coverage of the United States' biggest names in network coverage to ensure the best chances of getting service in a particular area with a particular network. This has several valuable uses, ranging from marketing purposes to comparative intelligence and beyond.

But when Mosaik's Greg Hull talked to Rich Tehrani—the video of said discussion can be seen below, and other videos are available here—new possibilities emerged. Hull detailed how the Internet of Things and the machine to machine (M2M) markets were going to require a lot of extra intelligence in terms of network coverage. After all, what good is the ability to have machines communicate if none of these machines can connect to a network to engage in that communication?

Hull described how Mosaik's geospatial analytics information can be used “to proactively ascertain where coverage is and where it's not, where it's going to be,” just the kind of thing that an M2M developer would need to know, especially when it comes to placing said devices. Mosaik is “working closely with wireless operators” to get that data, not just in the United States, but also abroad as communications technology expands throughout the globe. Additionally, Mosaik recently launched its mobile application, offering much of the same information directly from a mobile app. This app has been very well received by users, according to reports, and is putting on some very impressive capabilities. More developments are also in the works to make the data even easier to access and work with.

What Mosaik is offering is useful on several fronts, not just in terms of networks now but networks in the future. Indeed, wireless providers can see at a glance where not only current network operations are, but also where those of competitors are currently found. If there are significant areas served by competitors but not by that particular provider, it's then a cue to step up coverage in that area lest a market segment be lost for good. But it goes beyond that, of course, and Hull offered up quite a bit of commentary on just how other firms could use this information to the fullest.

Mosaik's information should ultimately prove not only useful for mobile device users, but also the rapidly expanding M2M market, spurring growth and development in areas where that development can't easily be found. A country with full coverage would be no mean feat, and a feat that doesn't go unheralded by a variety of users.

Edited by Rich Steeves

Contributing IoTevolutionworld Writer

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